Sunday, April 17, 2011

New President as another Carpenters union leader bites the dust

Gausman New President
Vice President Gerry Gausman is the new President of Local 157.

Last month in an unprecedented turn of events, both President D’Errico, and Vice President Pugliese, were absent for the March meeting and the membership nominated and elected pro tem President Michael Bilello. Under his authority as pro tem President, Bilello appointed Gausman as pro tem Vice President.

Pugliese, resigned as the vice president, and was pushed into retirement because he refused to cooperate with Review Officer ("RO") Dennis Walsh, and sign a declaration under penalty of perjury pertaining to mob influence over the affairs of the District Council.

With the veto of D'Errico by the RO, Gausman, will now fill the office and preform the duties of President until the locals next scheduled election in June.

Bilello was elected pro tem President for the March meeting "only," because at the time, D'Errico was still the president of the local. Bilello was under no obligation to appoint a pro tem Vice President, he chose to do so. Had he left the office vacant the membership could have nominated and elected Bilello pro tem President again at the April meeting, since D'Errico was vetoed by the RO and Pugliese, resigned.

Gausman was elected Vice President on December 7th, in a special executive board election in former Local 608 before UBC General President, Douglas McCarron, dissolved the local on December 14, 2010 and transferred all its members to Local 157. Gausman, promised to "end the years of corruption, institute democratic reforms, have full transparency and accountability, and run the local solely for the benefit of the membership."

With over 10,000 members, Local 157 is the largest of 10 locals in the New York City District Council of Carpenters and the UBC, the local controls virtually all high-rise construction in Manhattan and in the Bronx.



  2. please remove this fiction

  3. Good luck Gerry,Your going to have to deal with a bunch of washwomen.

  4. John I commented on Pat Nees post earlier and it is gone. Did you remove it??

  5. Rich: I don't know why your comment was not posted, I re-posted it...Richard Dorrough has left a new comment on your post "New President as another Carpenters union leader b...":

    If a constitutional clarification was asked for Ballantyne after conferring with Biran Quinn has the right to give a ruling and he has.

    "If it was not for your lack of knowledge of the constitution and your continued posting of this nonsense the question would not have been asked."

    The fact is you did not elect a Pro tem chair under Roberts as you could have. You instead let Carpuso invoke 32B which despite your BS is not to appoint/elect Pro tem Presidents for meetings but to fill the offices of President and VP if the situation arises that both offices have been vacated at once.You also insist that Pro tem Officers are for meetings only and have no power. How did the Pro Tem appointed officers of the Empire Council rule with full power for two years. Why has Douglas Mccarron said your "meeting only" is crap and a pro tem officer may serve for serve 6 months,
    Read it here

    Appointed or elected under 32b the Pro Tem Offices have full power and they can hold office not just for a meeting but for at a minimum of 6 months

  6. Don Arana;
    Are you saying that the members of 157 who attend meeting are dried up old hags that love to gossip? See:
    It's so typical how nothing ever changes. The king is dead; long live the team! Now that you and Gausman are in a position to lead you're bitching about folks criticizing you. Kind of like McCarron whining about deranged loners and commies.
    Maybe there are rumors flying around about Gerry because where there is smoke there is fire, and members are tired of all the bullshit, corruption, and co-opting of good will. All you wannabees ought to be able to withstand any withering barrage of rumors, criticism and skepticism and come out smelling like a rose. But this early in the game you look not so different from the way it was. Then, imagine if the likes of you does get elected in a position a power; how will you handle all the wash-women then when you're already denigrating them now?

    To all you nitpickers and gadflies out there: keep up the pressure on these would be kings, we have to do everything in our power to make sure the Unity Team never happens again!

  7. Donny Arana: I will try to remember that in times of frustration.Goodnight to both.
    17 Apr 11, 23:56

    Rude: later.... thanks for the insight
    17 Apr 11, 23:56

    μυω̃ψ: Thanks for taking the time to have a civil conversation. I'll catch you guys later. Good luck to both of you.
    17 Apr 11, 23:55

    Rude: he beat me to it.
    17 Apr 11, 23:55

    Rude: I think you should talk to him and let him know.
    17 Apr 11, 23:55

    Donny Arana: A point well taken,Thanks
    17 Apr 11, 23:53

    μυω̃ψ: I agree. The point I am making is about when leaders become more concerned about slander than the issues. Anybody can say anything on here. If Don believes in himself as a leader he should consider what he says seriously, and focus on the issues in a positive way. I think he has a natural aptitude for this, but shouldn't go down the road of gratuitiously lashing out at his detractors.
    17 Apr 11, 23:48

    Rude: But I understand gadfly. But in all seriousness, wash women is NOT the worst word in the world. Especially when it properly illustrates what happens in this site.
    17 Apr 11, 23:48

    μυω̃ψ: I read it in the context he posted it, which was of Gerry Gausman being president of 157. He never used the word slander in his statement, only washwoman.
    17 Apr 11, 23:47

    μυω̃ψ: And of course being critical of Don's language will likely just be castigated as political correctness. Still, if you're anticipating a leadership role in a 15,000= strong union consider the liability issues.
    17 Apr 11, 23:45

    Rude: He was not referring to "members of 157 for being concerned about continuing corruption in their union." he was referring to people that slander people. If you read the original post, you will see. I'm sorry, but you misunderstood.

  8. Mike Biello Gerry Gausman and Pat Nee the new leaders of local 157.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mike Biello Gerry Gausman and Pat Nee the new leaders of local 157.
    Not according to Nee. They are in just for the meeting and you have no 157 leaders

    Unless that gray area in the Constitution allows him to run an eboard meeting as a volunteer member as well

  10. I am a member of the Northwest Capenters # 30.

    I would like to know why many halls hire Illegal Aliens while Americans are laid off.

    I am also a Marine Corps Veteran!

    Aiding and Abetting Ilegal Aliens is a felony under US Code 1324!

    I didn't serve my country to let these invaders take our jobs!

  11. Pat Nee for President !! He is a good leader and will stop the corruption thats going on there now.Really!!!Do you want the faith that got 608......Think!!


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