Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get Ready For A McCarron - Spencer Wage Cut

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Absent in this months Carpenter Magazine was a message from Supervisor Frank Spencer. Did he run out of words or maybe he just could not think of another way to tell us about his "commitment to you remains the same: to ensure openness, transparency and accountability in council operations while representing the best interests of our membership." What a bunch of BS!

Also on page six buried in the last paragraph of an article, "Hard-Hit By Recession - Banding Together for Protection," is a very revealing sentence.

"The outcome of the next few months will reveal the strength of our members. If we work for smaller paychecks, we do so with the knowledge that we have helped our brother or sister bring a check home and provide for his or her family. Now is not the time to sit back and bad-mouth this union for giving in and making concessions- -it is time to stand up and proactively look to help cut cost and work more efficiently."

Isn't this a oxymoron, If we work for smaller paychecks, we provide for our family's.



  2. You can't trust this man. He is a mccarron clone. If you have been to Mr. Walsh's meetings or the local meetings Mr. Spencer has double talked us to death that's because he doesn't answer to us if we take a wage cut McCarron will give Spencer a raise mark my words!

  3. Don't forget, contractors have used fear tactics for years to try to motivate workers to agree to concessions and wage cuts. Indeed,at least as far back as my father can remember this has been the case. In the past we had the courage to hold our ground when faced with this type of rhetoric. Frank Spencer, John Ballantyne and Douglas McCarron want us to believe this bullshit because they don't care how much we make per hour, as long as the man hours keep coming in.Let's show some backbone and send these bastards a message. Rally at 395 on Wednesday 4/13 at 3pm.

  4. this wage cut is B.S. look what happen to florida they gave the hole union away. There is nothing left. Some of the good so call union contractor are nothing but RATS in florida what is McCarron and is boys doing about that, nothing they talk a good story check it out you can see for yourself,I wonder who being taken care of don"t give up anything only person getting any money is the contractor and McCarron.

  5. If our leaders made the same wage as we did they would feel differnt about making us take a pay cut. They are turning into politicans telling us to make sacrafices and they make triple what we make per year if we are lucky.


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