Monday, April 25, 2011

It's President Gausman Again!

Gausman New President
Who is running this show? Can things get anymore confusing?

Vice President pro tem Gerry Gausman, dressed in a suit and tie was fully prepared to open the meeting on April 18th, why was he stopped?

Gausman was appointed Vice President pro tem in accordance with Section 32 B of the UBC Constitution, by President pro tem Mike Bilello, who was elected in accordance with Section 32 D, at the March 21, meeting.

On April 12, Review Officer ("RO") Dennis Walsh, vetoed D'Errico’s employment and his services as President of Local 157 thereby making Gausman the new President in accordance with Section 34.

So why didn't Gausman open the meeting? Why was the meeting called to order by Treasurer, Larry Becerra who stated, "there will nominations for a President pro tem for the meeting only?"

Why did Gausman go along with this? Why didn't Mike Bilello support Gausman and challenge Becerra, and make the motion to Appeal from the Decision of the Chair?

Whats really going on?

At the end of Aprils bizarre meeting, the membership was told, "no one is in charge."

Today we are told Gausman is in charge.

In a message (below) to the executive committee from the RO dated April 21st, we are told that Gausman's appointment is valid according to the UBC. We already reported Gausman's appointment was valid on March 27th, so why is this new. 

Gausman reached for comment said,"I am happy with the decision and looks forward to serving the membership to the best of his ability."


To the Executive Committee of Local 157, Gerard Gausman, and Michael Bilello:

On Tuesday, I asked the UBC to inform me of its interpretation of Section 32 of the UBC Constitution.

I was advised yesterday that if a local union president is absent at a meeting, Section 32 vests the full authority of the local union president in the president pro tem selected at said meeting and that if such president pro tem fills a vacancy such as local union vice president at said meeting, the appointee is to be regarded as the vice president until such time as an election must be held. As currently applicable to Local Union 157, Gerard Gausman is thus the vice-president of the Local until an elected vice-president is installed.

As a result, Mr. Gausman’s appointment by President Pro Tem Michael Bilello on March 21, 2011 (when Lawrence D’Errico was still the President of the Local), and service as vice-president will be immediately reviewed by my office pursuant to Paragraph 5.b of the Stipulation and Order.

Dennis M. Walsh
Review Officer



  2. Gerry Gausman is runnig local 157 as we speak like no other president doing a better job than any other president that we have had in the past. Fighting for the brothers abd sisters of our great union. Way to go Gerry you have our support.

  3. Gerry Gausman fighting every day for local 157 members way to go Gerry.


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