Saturday, April 16, 2011

Respect Our Rights! Rally 4 Solidarity

Over 1000 members turn out for Rally.

Brothers and Sisters congratulations on showing your support by participating in Wednesday's "Rally 4 Solidarity." Over 1000 members came out in an incredible show of solidarity standing up for our rights as union members.

Last week we proved that rank and file carpenters are united and want meaningful reform in our union. We will forever stand up against these fierce attacks to our fundamental rights to participate in collective bargaining and how our union is to be governed.

It is our job now, as a rank and file labor movement, to take that energy and passion of Wednesday's Rally and turn it into action!

The rally organizing committee will be working with various rank and file groups to make sure our voice is heard as we fight for a Better and Stronger Union for All.

As our contract expiration quickly approaches on June 30th, we will be meeting to ensure our members that their concerns and opinions are being heard. We will also be working with Review Officer Dennis Walsh and the U.S. Attorney’s office to develop new bylaws ensuring our membership has a say and is empowered in how our union is to be governed. We will also be asking for your help once again with member turnout for upcoming rallies.

We proved that in standing together with a common purpose in protecting members rights, the members of the Carpenter Union will never be divided!

Let’s keep up the fight for our members of the New York City District Council of Carpenters!

PS: Keep sending me your pictures and video of the rally, email me at or send me a link to your coverage of the rally and I will include it on this blog. Thank you.



  2. And why do you say that anonymous? Wich part of this statement do you disagree with? I would love to hear your impute. I like to form my opinions based on all the information available and your comment "drop dead" seems very harsh and deep, which made me think that there is allot more behind that statement; so please elaborate.

  3. Its called hyperbole...

  4. Was wondering where video of all speakers is located.
    PJ McGuire

  5. Was this event covered in the carpenters magazine.

  6. in our union constitution we aren't allowed to talk of union complaints in public or we face being thrown out. so i have to remain as john dow to speek out. our rights have been taken away from us in washington, they've closed good union halls so they can take the money and properties the halls have accumulated, then opened new ones in areas where carpenters are few, this is to prevent solidarity. the properties they took were paid for by the carpenter of the hall they closed down threw money they obtained above and beyond our normal dues. our buisness agents are puppets of the council that make all are decissions for us they are dictators. we have thousands of members in one hall but don't have any solidarity amongest us. Average meeting size 30 to 70 people. they just lowered our medical amounts from the federal minimum which is 1.25 million to 325,000 thousand max for how much you can claim for a year. this was done by one person our trusty manager, this was done without even bringing it infront of the members. it seems that are union ceo's forgot there was a union constitution, in there you'll find that there suppose to improve solidarity and conditions instead of making things worse.

  7. john dow
    i forgot to add that our hall in washington can only hold approximatly 250 persons by fire code. but we have between 2,000 to 3,000 members of that local. there are many other strange things that our regional council does to us that hurt the membership, including shuting down apprentiship programs without telling us poor representation during a greavance procedures, excesive use of union credit card, firing of buisness agents that have run against the executive secretary, appointing delegates that vote in his favor and the list goes on


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