Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walsh Veto's Local 157 President Lawrence D'Errico

Forde Holdover D'Errico Applauding Veto.
Review Office (RO) Dennis Walsh, has vetoed Local 157 President/Director of Operations, Lawrence D'Errico.  

On March 16, we reported that the RO issued D'Errico, 47, a notice of possible action, and is considering vetoing D'Errico's employment as a council representative, allegedly for organized crime associations.

The RO has been zealously conducting investigations into troubling allegations and after indictments of former council leader, Michael J. Forde, and nine others, who were charged with racketeering, that the New York City District Council of Carpenters remains influenced by the mob, is deeply ingrained in the culture of corruption, and is still a source of cash and illicit benefits for a select few.

D’Errico was suspended without pay on March 18, by Supervisor Spencer, until "such time as he is able to resolve his issue with the RO or the RO makes a final determination."

The RO reach his final determination and issued the veto notice to D'Errico on Tuesday. The RO's investigation focused on three specific areas in-which the conduct violated the Consent Decree and Stipulation and Order and presented grounds for a veto an informed source said.

Accordingly D'Errico's employment as a council representative of the District Council and his services as President/Delegate of Local 157 are both vetoed.



  2. Any News on anything with D'errico? He is another one that needs some jail time!! sounds like someone is speachless with one worded comments..

  3. Guessing D'Errico is still up to no good now running things in jersey with his brothers company we hear... good guys still lose out while the rats run rampid....


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