Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New District Council of New York and Vicinity Trial Procedures

The parties will be known as the Charging Party and the Respondent. The Trial Chairs will be known as Trial Chairs (TC). The role of the TCs will be independent: administratively comparable to hearing officers or administrative trial judges, subject to appeal pursuant to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Constitution (“UBC Constitution”).

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  1. The Trial Panel (TP) will continue to be comprised of duly elected District Council members who will function as jurors, comparable to jurors in a civil case as under the UBC Constitution.

    Approved by the Delegates August 28, 2013

    The UBCJA Constitution & its Trial Procedures in NYC are a complete joke. There is nothing remotely equivalent to a Civil Trial, rather, the UBCJA & its District Councils and Local Unions operate Kangaroo Courts wherein everyone is guilty in advance of the alleged "trial". The fix is always in.

    Why has the Director of Operations Matt Walker and the Inspector General or counselor Murphy not expunged this crap from within the D.C. by-laws? Was it not ruled illegal in by Judge Berman?


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