Monday, November 2, 2009

Exclusive: UBC Hearing Testimony

Clearly, Unity Team union officers, motivated by greed, conducted the affairs of the council like a self-serving out of control criminal enterprise, that was both detrimental to the welfare and best interest of the district council and its members.

With the arrest of Mike Forde and revelations at the UBC Hearings of:

There is widespread disgust, outrage and mistrust building among the rank and file, demanding more financial transparency, accountability and detailed information on how our dues money is spent.

Since becoming Supervisor, Frank Spencer has undertaken "several measures" in an attempt to correct the problems plaguing the district council. While we applaud Mr. Spencer's initiatives, observers say they fall short of the mark.

The biggest obstacle to reform, is these "measures" are being implemented by the same people who have failed us and led us to where we are today.

It not assuring that Spencer named former "Unity Team" partner, Pete Thomassen, as "assistant" nor the fact that most of Forde's enablers are still in positions of power and trustees to our benefit funds. This is a major source of mistrust and anger among the rank and file.

The illusion that Spencer has cleaned house is just that; an illusion.

Why did Spencer name Thomassen, assistant supervisor?

Why would Spencer do this?

Is union politics trumping what is in the best interest of the membership?

Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered, since Spencer has refused to answer written questions, or provide a forum to answer questions directly.

Below are links to the full transcripts for the UBC Hearings on October 15,16, 2009 held at the Javits Center in New York City.

Date ReceivedTestimony Notes
October 15, 2009Transcript pages 1 to 200
October 15, 2009Transcript Pages 201 to 412
October 16, 2009Transcript Pages 413 to 613
October 15, 2009Supervisor, Frank Spencer with Exhibits
October 15, 2009 Terrence R Mooney, Certified Public Account with Exhibits
October 15, 2009Phil Newkirk, Assistant to General President Douglas McCarron with Exhibits
October 15, 2009 John Musumeci, UBC member with Exhibits
March 11, 2010Final Hearing Committee Report


  1. I'm sure the membership appreciates the posting of the "Hearings Testimony". I know I do.

  2. Again, thank you John for making available the 2009 NYCDCC Supervision Hearing Testimony.


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