Wednesday, September 30, 2009

District Council Hearing Notice

The NYC District Council of Carpenters will be holding hearings for members of the NYC District Council of Carpenters on October 15th and October 16th at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

Dc Hearing


  1. To every union brother and sister, this is your chance

    Either stand up and tell them you are fed up with this shit, or remain silent and watch your union vanish!

    At the Hearing,We all should DEMAND that the following be fired:

    Gary Rothman - for covering up for Forde, and hindering every investigation.

    O'Dwyer and Berstein - for covering up Fraud for almost 10 years, and Never investigating any issues.

    Stew GraBois - for allowing the funds to be robbed, and for not doing anything to prevent it from being robbed, even after he was presented with evidence.

    Callahan - for not finding any problems, and for not following up on investigations started by Mack.

    All officers of the council for not following up on legitimate complaints - Mack uncovered several issues that were never investigated by the Council - I blame Forde, Sheils and Thomassen.

    Any BA or Organizer:

    that refused the drug test, or tested positive (unless the went into rehab BEFORE being tested).

    who has been found out to have manipulated the OWL, either benefiting from manipulation or benefiting others (Maudesley)that has sent Carpenters to jobs without using the OWL.

    that has not enforced the 50/50 rule.

    has been a shop steward for any of the problem contractors (Costello was a LONG time steward for OnPar).

    and further more,Ban all commuting to/from work via a Union Paid auto

    Reduce the salaries in the Council to Foreman Pay - let them live on what I have to live on.

    EST officers - General Foreman, BA, Foreman, Organizers - Journeyman Carpenters pay - they do not miss a days work.

    what did I miss??

  2. Another thing!
    The DC needs to take down the pictures on its website of 608 that have the faces of those that have shamed us!

  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I have been watching this scandal unfold and am completely amazed at the level of stupidity, corruption, and lack of professionalism that seems so common in the NY District Council. Its astounding!

    Curiosity gets the best of me in times like these, I wonder where the membership is, both mentally, and physically when dealing with these issues. This is our union, these are our employees, taking bribes and narcotics, hiding illegal weapons and drugs on our property, all while International installs the person closest to the corruption in a position of power. What the fuck is going on here? Why are we standing for this? Why are we not standing on Hudson St. with "torches and pitch forks" demanding some involvement in the initial cleansing process? It is very apparent that International wants to make as many moves as possible before the membership is ALLOWED to get "involved" on October 15th and 16th. This is indicative of a leadership acting from the top down, this is how it has been for as long as I can remember. We, the membership need to come together, we need to form a body, of concerned members, and come up with a game plan for dealing with this.

    Like so many others, spending most of this year unemployed thus far has made me particularly disgusted with this scandal. Entirely too many of us are going broke while these "leaders" snort coke, take bribes, and further ruin our reputation.

    We need to get organized, come up with a game plan (PJ 608 outlines a great list of demands), and mobilize as many members as possible. They are destroying our union by creating a corporate environment which rewards and encourages greed. These "hearings" should serve as a place of initiation for a confrontation between the members and these "leaders."

    The nepotism, corruption, corporatism, bribery, are all there, its as clear as day and if we do not act it will continue to a point of no return. Now is the time to take the power back!

    I would like to start this by setting up an email list-serve, to discuss possible plans for dealing with this issue. Please email me and maybe we can get something going.


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