Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drugs and Gun Found at District Council

On Thursday morning September 24, two special agents from the Department of Labor paid a visit to 395 Hudson Street, headquarters of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

Informed sources say, two federal agents armed with a search warrant “for a secret wall”, were escorted by council staff and taken to a specific location inside the council where the agents found a stash of OxyContin and a stun gun hidden inside a "secret wall."

OxyContin, a trade name for the narcotic oxycodone hydrochloride, is a painkiller available in the United States only by prescription. OxyContin, has a street name of “hillbilly heroin” and can cost as much as $50 per pill on the street.

It is illegal to be in possession of a stun gun in New York.

Sources say the agents made no arrest and there has been no official comment by the district council.

“The district council has a big drug problem,” under FordesUnity Team” administration, the council “was one big party” say sources.

Frank Spencer who has assumed supervision of the council really “has no clue to the extent of corruption and drug use.” Spencer, sources say is determined to identify and separated the good employees from the bad and develop a plan to clean up the district council.

Spencer is just kidding himself “he needs to clean house and fire at least half the council" if he really wants to change things a source inside the council said.

Spencer has been criticized for his handling of the supervision, especially by naming Pete Thomassen (Fordes right-hand man) as his assistant and for not keeping the membership updated on the supervision.

Sources say Pete Thomassen "knew exactly what was going on, Pete isn't some unsophisticated rube, he is a very sophisticated guy, you think he doesn't know anything?"

Everyone in Fordes inner circle “knew all along and simply couldn't resist the easy money, feeding at this trough of greed, hoping it was never going to end.”

The membership trust in the district council has been shattered. The lax ethics and previous scandals have left members too numb to be very outraged by the latest revelations of corruption, drug use, arrest of Mike Forde and think of it as just “business as usual.”


  1. funny how the feds knew just were to look for the stash of drugs , looks like some one is talking

  2. We look like chumps!
    We need to clean house!
    I've been in for about 12 years!
    I have a lot more time to go.

    Why can't we have hard working honest people in office!

    Can someone post the payroll of all the District Coucil employees?

    I heard Thomassen's son makes like that true?

    I think all the trustees that came up with the "PLA" should take the same percentage of a pay cut!
    (what is it like 10-15 percent)

  3. <pre>Frank Spencer was trying to tell everyone at a meeting last wk "Ship up or ship the fuck out"... Frank's head is spinning from all this!! Then more shit last wk "Drugs,guns" ...Where trying too
    keep the ship a float for the vote!! That why Peter Thomassen still has he's job!!! Something big happen last wk on the east side don't have all the details yet. Jobs are on the line!!!

  4. there is definetly someone ratting them out i am happy.they all sit in the carpentry school on hudson st and live the good life ,jeeps,corvettes you name it drugs weapons.the best part when you try to get help from the school they treat you like garbage what comes around goes around.time to take total control of the whole union .local 3 makes us look like bums.i guess it is true ITS NOT WHAT YOU NO ITS WHO YOU NO.i feel bad for the hard working members.dont waste your time being a apprentice doesnt look so good in the future..

  5. John,keep up the good work

  6. If none of the membership asks for accountability with lie detector test, then you will be shoveling sand against the tides. Ask ALL officials to take both polygraph and random drug test from now on this is OUR union and we and only we can clean house! No one responds to this request, as many times as I suggest it, and that makes me wonder....DO YOU REALLY WANT ACCOUNTABILITY AND HONESTY !!!  Term limits are another area they are affraid of, imagine having to go back to work....VOTE THEM OUT !!!!   Hey, I'm retired....I made it.....will you ????


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