Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bound By Duty

This is in response to the post "Never Reveal By Word Or Deed"

By Richard Dorrough--Carpenters Local 370, Albany NY

Usually when the pro closet Union members talk about the oath, they leave out the "Unless legally authorized to do so." They stay away from that part because it shoots their attempt to silence members in the ass.

Lets discuss what the Law says your are “Legally Authorized” to do.

The UBC, in its usual pompous arrogance, had the audacity to write such a restriction because in their feeble little minds they see themselves above the US Constitution and free speech. Thanks to Fat Cat elitist International Union Officers, attempting to silence free speech in their ranks, we have court precedent already in place that holds such tripe as the UBC Oath in the same esteem as say dogs%*t!

Thank god we have judges who have laughed in the face of pompous arrogant wind bags who write such tripe. We do have the occasional local judge who is either paid for by the Unions or ran unopposed for office and went from box boy to judge who try to pander to these Union Carpetbaggers.

That is why we have the Supreme Court. They see to it that no individual little despot such as McCarron is allowed to impose regulations on any citizens that deny their rights under the US Constitution. So as a rule of thumb, as long as your speech does not compromise a specific action, you can talk about what ever the hell you want. For instance you cannot divulge the specifics of a contract in the middle of a negotiation, that would compromise that negotiation.

That’s it. End of story.

Disservice to the members. Now that’s a good one. Would you not agree that people like Forde who has been indicted, tested positive for drugs and who was in collusion with the rest of the council done a disservice to the Union.

Would you not say Mr. Spencer who has allowed this to happen as Eastern District Rep. has done a disservice to the members?

Would you not say people like Patrick Morin and his Empire Council cronies who have lost at least $33 million to Madoff and then taken substantial raises have done a disservice to the members?

New Jersey Carpenters BA Shawn Clark justified his use of a union charge card at strip clubs as business expenses. Is that a disservice to members?

Would you not say that Walter Ralph Mabry, who was the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Carpenters Pension Trust Fund accepting kickbacks was a disservice to the members?

On and on and on we could go. Many UBC members are suffering under McCarron's repressive regime and self serving rules and policies. McCarron and his cronies only interest is to line their pockets with the funds of hard working rank and file members and the quest for power.

McCarron and his cronies, like Regional Director Frank Spencer, conspire to destroy the democratic rights of rank and file members and support Council puppet regimes who have again been indicted for bribery, fraud and now drugs such as Forde.

They support the destruction of working Locals by allowing Regional Councils to raid their funds and seize control of all aspects of their existence so that a duly elected Local President can be locked out of his own Union Hall at the whim of some Council crackpot and McCarron cronies.

Locals that fight to retain their autonomy are crushed as they did with Carpenters Local 229 in Glens Falls NY in 2003.

McCarron and his council puppets destroyed the local, ruined its Pension Fund and robbed its Welfare fund. They tossed members into the street to send a message to all those that opposed his council appointed cronies.

This is how the UBC and McCarron “serves the needs of its rank and file members.”

Douglas McCarron is not only blight on Unionism but an arrogant and deceitful would be dictator who has destroyed the future and prosperity of the rank and file UBC member for the sake of power and money.

HIS Power and money for HIS cronies which they bleed from the hard work and sweat of the UBC membership. Is this a disservice to the members?? If you’re so worried about the UBCs laundry perhaps it should not be so dirty.

These so called Union Brothers have gotten away with these actions for so many years and the corruption is so deep because the rank and file has failed to do its DUTY to act in the best interest of the membership.

We each have a duty to expose this corruption. We each have a duty to expose theses rats to the thing they fear the most. Publicity.

By playing the three monkeys who never hear, see or say anything the membership has failed itself. These common criminals have entrenched themselves deep in the pockets of the membership.

Our internal system has failed to police itself, as is evident by an International who has supported these criminals, refused to answer to the membership, have acted in a pompous arrogant manner towards the rank and file rights and have fleeced the paycheck of the rank and file to line their own pockets.

Is this the system you would depend on to police itself?

It has already proven itself to be such a blatant dismal failure that one can only assume it is part of the corruption.

We have a demand called “Exhaust all internal remedies.”

When thousands of members letters go unanswered, when demands for clarification on the UBC Constitution and members rights are ignored, as they were in the 157 fiasco by Spencer and the International legal beagle. When blatant attempts to steal from the membership, such as the “Blue Card” scam, are ignored by the leeches who suck per capita tax out of each and every local and when the UBC Elected Officers ignore the demands of the rank and file who they work for than we have exhausted enough.

By providing a public forum that details this corruption, John and members like him serve the membership.

This public forum provides the membership access to financial records denied them by the UBC corrupt elements even though access to the documents is a legal right.

Here in this public forum, we see the lavish lifestyle the rank and file provides to these McCarron hand picked carpetbaggers.

We see outrageous salaries and pension contributions.

We see weeks in Hollywood Florida with golf sessions and $500 a night rooms.

All this while thousands of good Union members are out of work and many more have no health care.

In this public forum, we see the nepotism that has allowed the wives, cousin’s brothers, sisters and girlfriends of these corrupt individuals in the door of the UBC to get their cut of the rank and file dollar.

We see lavish gifts and payments made to connected lawyers and accountants who bleed millions from the rank and file pay checks.

Tell me, If it were not for these so called radical members utilizing this tool called the internet WHERE would they get access to the records needed to expose this corruption?

Can they expect to follow procedure and get the information from the likes of Frank Spencer and the UBC International who has repeatedly refused to comply?

You would rather support and work to perpetuate this corruption rather than let the non Union sector have a field day with the TRUTH.

You would have the rape of membership continue rather than have the non Union sector have a field day with the TRUTH.

You however would be the first to put a blow up rat outside of a job site if a contractor defies attempts to force them and their employees to become a part of this corruption by extortion actions.

We have misguided cretins making wanted posters of non Union contractors who refuse to pay kickbacks to the Carpenters Union when the actions of Forde, McCarron and Spencer makes them look like boy scouts.

We have organizers whose new motto is “Organize or Lie” because if they had to tell the TRUTH of the realities of UBC membership they would get laughed out of the game.
It is sad that as a rank and file members there are those that would rather allow corruption to remain in power rather than be embarrassed by the truth.

We have elected officers who work diligently to hide the truth and run interference for common UBC criminals rather than be embarrassed by the truth.

Members have a duty to act in the best interest of the membership and expose by any means possible the corruption that is the UBC.

The message that this and other sites like it sends to the non Union sector is that we the rank and File do NOT support the corrupt elements in the UBC and are working to expose and rid ourselves of the rat bastards.

In the middle of the negative publicity that McCarrons would be dictatorship, Spencers complicity, Fordes indictment, Mabry’s kickbacks and Patrirck Morins ignorance has generated, the non Union sector and public in general can see that the working men and woman of the UBC are standing up to this corruption.

They can see that the Union rank and file are a victim of and not part of this corruption.

They can see that the rank and file is as disgusted and embarrassed by this corruption as everyone else.

That message must be sent. The world needs to look in and see for itself that the rank and file which is the true essence of Unionism is being victimized by the same criminal element in the UBC that the public has found reprehensible.

To say nothing to avoid the embarrassing TRUTH makes us a willing part of the corruption.

The oath was written as a symbol of loyalty to a brotherhood and as a symbol of allegiance to that ideal which Unionism is meant to represent.

Since that oath has been commandeered by some California pimp like Douglas McCarron who systematically has reduced the UBC to his delusional version of Unionism we are no longer bound by that oath.

Since that oath has been commandeered by arrogant pompous wind bags such as Frank Spencer who has the audacity and delusion to insist that we work for him and are here to serve at his pleasure we are no longer bound by that oath.

Since that oath has been commandeered by the likes of Patrick Morin who has destroyed the future of rank and file Pensions, Annuities and Health funds while taking raises and bonuses for himself and his fellow cub scouts we are no longer bound by that oath.

Since common criminals such as Forde and the others indicted with him, Mabry, Clark and other examples of the UBCs brightest have commandeered that oath to try to silence those that would expose them we are no longer bound by that oath.

What we are bound by is duty. That duty is not to would be dictators such as McCarron. That duty is not to pompous arrogant windbags such as Spencer. That duty is not to common criminals such as Forde and the rest. That duty is to each other. That duty is to support the rank and file. By exposing these carpetbaggers and providing a source for all members to access information, John is fulfilling that duty. Perhaps instead of chastising him you might ask how you can help.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Never Reveal By Word Or Deed

I received this email from a UBC brother, I am posting his comment here so we can discuss the issue the brother brings up.

Please give your opinion on whether you agree or disagree with the brothers comments about using the internet to "put the Brotherhood's laundry out in public view."

*****(email below)*****

John, I am a UBC member myself out of Pittsburgh. While I for the most part like the blog you have you really must read the first sentence on page 95 of UBC Constitution.

It's the Obligation you made when you joined the UBC. "I do, of my own free will and accord, solemnly and sincerely promise - on my sacred honor - that I will never reveal by word or deed - any of the business of this United Brotherhood - unless legally authorized to do so."

You have put the Brotherhood's laundry out in public view on the WWW and done a disservice to all of us. I bet the open-shop organizations print that stuff out and chat about it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Page Six

We hear...THAT Douglas McCarron, the UBC general president is summoning key council leadership to Washington for a meeting on Thursday, October 22.

Sources say McCarron is not happy and wants to personally speak with Pete Thomassen, Dennis Sheil, Mo Leary, Ed Mc Williams and Scott Danielson. It seems for the last ten years, these overpaid clueless council clowns have been running the council where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!

In a report to the Hearing Committee criticizing the councils flawed supervisory model, Phil Newkirk, an assistant to McCarron wrote, "the councils supervisory model is fraught with problems to both effective supervision and potential for corruption."

He also wrote among other things, "had the anti-corruption committee's investigations been more thorough and aggressive, particularly to the governments allegations pertaining to high level of corruption within the council, if true, may have been discovered."

Read more Page Six stories...

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Because That’s Where The Money Is"

Carpenters often ask, "What do they spend my dues and assessment money on?"

Unfortunately its not an easy question to answer, there are LM-2 reports which unions are required to file with the Department of Labor, however these reports do not tell the whole story on union expenses.

With the arrest of Mike Forde and revelations of corruption, drug use and financial mismanagement, there is outrage building among the rank and file.

Willy Sutton was a depression era bank robber. He was wanted for robberies in Miami, New Orleans, and New York. After his capture in 1950, a reporter asked him why he robbed banks. His reply was, “Because that’s where the money is.” Aside from the lack of moral justification, his strategy was sound: go where the money is.

Listed below is the New York City District Council Of Carpenters, LM2 reports, covering the Forde years, from 2000 - 2009.

The reports show total membership has increased from 23,992 members in 2000, to 24,816 members in 2009, an increase of 894 members.

During the same period total receipts (that’s the money they take from you) has increase from $17,671,440 to $53,049,510, an increase of $35,378,070.

Also during the same period total disbursements (that’s the money they spent) has increase from $17,739,233 to $41,665,341 an increase of $23,926,108.

Can someone explain, how has this increase of almost $24 million in spending benefited the rank and file?

Has this fleecing of membership money improved our District Council?

What aspects of our lives have improved due to an outrageously expensive District Council under the “Unity Team” administration?

In other words, what have we gained from this appalling increase in spending, other than ridiculously high council salaries? (see ALL STARS, below)

With carpenters struggling everyday, and the current state of our district council, you would have to conclude the members are hardly getting the best bang for their hard earned bucks from these council "ALL STARS."

Let us know what you think, comment below!

Reports filed for the District Council, click to view each year. (032-922)

Date Received
Filing Type
Fiscal Year
Trust Name
Total Assets
Total Liabilities
Total Receipts
Total Disbursements
Total Membership
Oct 06, 2009
2009 Report

Sep 24, 2008
2008 Report

Sep 27, 2007
2007 Report

Oct 05, 2006
2006 Report

Sep 30, 2005
2005 Report

Oct 04, 2004
2004 Report

Sep 29, 2003
2003 Report

Oct 10, 2002
2002 Report

Oct 09, 2001
2001 Report

Oct 03, 2000
2000 Report


Indicted former carpenter boss Mike Forde was at the top of the heap pulling down a yearly salary and disbursements of $702,568, followed by Pete Thomassen at $268,827 and Dennis Sheil at $253,500, these figures do not include compensation for pensions, annuity's, car allowances and other union-related expenses, which brings the total even higher.
The top earning council "ALL STARS" for 2009:
  • Martin Devereaut $506,824
  • Scott Danielson $214,224
  • Maurice Leary $204,345
  • Charles Harkin $195,014
  • John Greaney $184,307
  • Samuel Baley $183,452
  • Edward McWilliams $179,792
  • John Early $178,578
  • Jeff Passante $178,210
  • Richard Tuccillo $176,472
  • Michael Koballa $176,337
  • John Harkin $172,850
  • Mike Zemski $171,760
  • Robert Seeger $171,682
  • Maryann June $169,572
  • Joe Ventura $169,340
  • Gary Shelton $166,538
  • Paul Tyznar $164,270
  • Sal Antonucci $161,908
  • Ron Rawald $161,123
LM-2 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

UBC Hearing Testimony -- Frank Spencer

Below is testimony given by Supervisor, Frank Spencer to the UBC Hearing Committee on October 15, 2009:

Exhibit A, B, C, D 

Friday, October 16, 2009

UBC Hearing Testimony Day 2

Below is the testimony from Day 2 of the UBC Hearings on October 16, 2009.
10-16 UBC Hearing Pg 1-200

Thursday, October 15, 2009

UBC Hearing Testimony

I attended the afternoon hearing session, attendance was poor, fewer than 200 members showed up. The members that spoke were very good, very passionate. I will have more to say later, below is my testimony with links to exhibits.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
UBC Hearing Testimony

Testimony Bill Walsh

The below testimony was given at the evening hearing session, by Brother Bill Walsh of local 157.

Carpenters Compromised Work Pool Sept. 2009 IV

UBC Hearing Testimony--Terrence R Mooney

Below is testimony given by Terrence R Mooney, a Certified Public Account, who performed an audit of the accounting records and internal controls of the New York City District Council of Carpenters for the period of July 1, 2006 to August 9, 2009.
Exhibit 1

Report To The UBCJA Hearings Committee

Below is testimony with links to exhibits given by Phil Newkirk to the Hearing Committee. Mr. Newkirk is a thirty year UBC member who currently serves as an Assistant to General President Douglas McCarron.

(John's note. The report fails to mention, Director of Operations Maurice Leary is the Recording Secretary of local 608. Leary’s lack of knowledge about the union car crash, suspended license and local 157 ba's AWOL is not creditable. Newkirk also fails to hold Pete Thomassen,  Dennis Sheild and OWL supervisor, Scott Danielson accountable. Fails to mention how in November of 2004 Thomassen obstructed Mack's investigation of Tri-built and hired Kroll to take over the investigation from Mack. Fails to mention the contempt charge and how the district council officers "engaged in, at least, willful ignorance" of the corrupt conduct by companies like Tri-Built and On Par, which are believed to be two of the six unnamed contractors in the indictment and were notoriously known among carpenters as "cash" companies, “yet permitted to work corrupt for years.”) Also no mention of Benefit Fund employee corruption.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
Exhibit I
Exhibit J
Exhibit K
Exhibit L
Exhibit M
Exhibit N
Exhibit O

Exhibit P
Exhibit Q
Exhibit R
Exhibit S
Exhibit T
Exhibit U
Exhibit V

Report to the Hearings Committee III.doc

UBC Hearing Testimony Day 1

Below is the testimony from Day 1 of the UBC Hearings pages 1 to 200 held on October 15, 2009.
10-15 UBC Hearing pg 1-200

UBC Hearing Testimony Day 1

10-15 UBC Hearing Pages 201-412

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Little Rebellion Now and Then Is A Good Thing

"I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical....It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government." – Thomas Jefferson

Here's a breaking news alert for all Carpenters: High level union politics and power is at the heart of the "emergency supervision" over the New York City District Council Of Carpenters.

The depth of the district council corruption is much greater than you are being told. Mike Fordes ten year reign of corruption, rewarded lax ethics, corrupt behavior and drug use. In this “culture of corruption,” a toxic work environment was created where the more willfully ignorant of corrupt conduct an individual is, the more you advance in position and power.

Brothers and Sisters, We cannot remain silent any longer! This is our union; these are our employees, taking bribes and narcotics, hiding illegal weapons and drugs on our property, while Supervisor, Frank Spencer installs Pete Thomassen, the person who cover-up corruption and failed to protect our financial interest, as his assistant. Spencer, has also kept all of Fordes handpicked yes-men in their positions of power.

What the hell is going on here? Why are we standing for this? Why are we not standing at 395 Hudson Street with "torches and pitch forks", demanding involvement in the supervision? Who is protecting our financial interest including our pension and health benefits?

Thomas Jefferson, that revolutionary patriot, advocated rebellion every 20 years or so in order to remind the government that a spirit of resistance flourished among the people.

In that sprite, Union Carpenters must take the time to voice their concerns at union meetings and the UBC Hearing on October 15, 16, and that's as it should be.

This is what is known:

August 5, Mike Forde and nine others, were arrested charged in a 29-count indictment, in a $1 million scheme for corruption, racketeering, bribery and perjury, in a conspiracy that stretches over a decade, involving six contractors, business agents, business manager, benefit fund trustees, shop stewards, mob associates and council employees.

August 13, UBC General President Douglas McCarron fired council EST Mike Forde, local 608 business manager, John Greaney, local 608 business agent, Brian Hayes, and ordered an “emergency supervision” of the district council and appointed Vice President Frank Spencer, supervisor.

September 24, Federal agents armed with a search warrant seized drugs, said to include large quantities of the highly addictive prescription painkiller OxyContin, and a stun gun hidden inside a secret wall at the council.

Forde, long rumored to have thrown drug-fueled parties in the council, tested positive for cocaine and marijuana when he was arrested. Seven of his nine co-defendants also tested positive for drugs. Two refused to be tested.

In recent weeks, at least seven more high level council employees have either been fired, suspended or still employed for failing drug tests ordered by Frank Spencer. Several employees shaved off the hair on their heads and removed all body hair to avoid detection of drug use.

Independent Investigator, Walter Mack who’s work led to the charges in the indictment wrote,Thomassen and district council officers "engaged in, at least, willful ignorance" of the corrupt conduct by companies like Tri-Built and On Par, which are believed to be two of the six unnamed contractors in the indictment and were notoriously known among carpenters as "cash" companies, “yet permitted to work corrupt for years.”

Once again the membership who pays the salaries of these so-called leaders have been kept in the dark. There has been a virtual news blackout and members questions unanswered by Supervisor, Frank Spencer.

Print out the flyer below, take it with you to the hearing, post it on the job, voice your concerns to Chairman Draper! Its your union!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Secret den of vice at union's HQ: Raid turns up stun gun & drug stash

By Brian Kates

Federal agents probing corruption in the city's most powerful construction union seized drugs and an illegal stun gun at the group's Manhattan headquarters, the Daily News has learned.

The discovery at the District Council of Carpenters building came after the indictment of council chief Michael Forde and nine others - including two mob associates - in a $1 million bribery scheme.

Federal agents seized the drugs, said to include quantities of the highly addictive prescription painkiller OxyContin, and a stun gun while executing a search warrant Sept. 24, a union spokesman confirmed.

The illicit stash was hidden at the Labor and Technical College, a vast basement workshop at the council's 395 Hudson St. headquarters where apprentices are trained, union sources told The News.

No one was arrested.

Forde, long rumored to have thrown drug-fueled parties in the building, tested positive for cocaine and marijuana when he was arrested in August.

Seven of his nine co-defendants also tested positive for drugs. Two refused to be tested, prosecutors said.

In recent weeks, five more district council employees have been fired or suspended for failing drug tests ordered by Frank Spencer, the emergency supervisor of the International Brotherhood of Carpenters named to supervise the council.

A union leader alerted the feds to the OxyContin cache after learning of it from a council worker who failed a drug test, the spokesman said.

An Internet blog run by dissident union members said U.S. Labor Department agents removed the drugs from a compartment behind a wall.

Forde, free on $75,000 bond, was ordered to undergo 28 days of drug rehab.

The feds have been monitoring the district council, which is made up of 11 union locals, since 1994 under a decree in another racketeering case.

That has not diminished its political clout.

Since Forde took office 10years ago, the group has lavished at least $3 million on politicians and handed out eagerly sought endorsements to Hillary Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg and others.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drugs and Gun Found at District Council

On Thursday morning September 24, two special agents from the Department of Labor paid a visit to 395 Hudson Street, headquarters of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

Informed sources say, two federal agents armed with a search warrant “for a secret wall”, were escorted by council staff and taken to a specific location inside the council where the agents found a stash of OxyContin and a stun gun hidden inside a "secret wall."

OxyContin, a trade name for the narcotic oxycodone hydrochloride, is a painkiller available in the United States only by prescription. OxyContin, has a street name of “hillbilly heroin” and can cost as much as $50 per pill on the street.

It is illegal to be in possession of a stun gun in New York.

Sources say the agents made no arrest and there has been no official comment by the district council.

“The district council has a big drug problem,” under FordesUnity Team” administration, the council “was one big party” say sources.

Frank Spencer who has assumed supervision of the council really “has no clue to the extent of corruption and drug use.” Spencer, sources say is determined to identify and separated the good employees from the bad and develop a plan to clean up the district council.

Spencer is just kidding himself “he needs to clean house and fire at least half the council" if he really wants to change things a source inside the council said.

Spencer has been criticized for his handling of the supervision, especially by naming Pete Thomassen (Fordes right-hand man) as his assistant and for not keeping the membership updated on the supervision.

Sources say Pete Thomassen "knew exactly what was going on, Pete isn't some unsophisticated rube, he is a very sophisticated guy, you think he doesn't know anything?"

Everyone in Fordes inner circle “knew all along and simply couldn't resist the easy money, feeding at this trough of greed, hoping it was never going to end.”

The membership trust in the district council has been shattered. The lax ethics and previous scandals have left members too numb to be very outraged by the latest revelations of corruption, drug use, arrest of Mike Forde and think of it as just “business as usual.”