Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grievance Procedures

November 2, 2011

From: Matthew Walker, Director of Operations 

Please see below the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters Grievance Procedures. 

#1 – All pending grievances are to be entered into the computerized grievance system at which time a sequential number will be assigned. This assigned number will be used when referencing the grievances. 

#2 – When a grievance is filed the member filing the grievance will be given a stamped copy of the grievance received, which will include a sequential grievance number. This process will take place when the grievance is received at the District Council. 

#3 – To provide a fair and equitable system to all involved parties the Distrcit Council has established a Grievance Hearing Panel which consists of the Director of Grievances, the Director of Jurisdiction, and the Director of Operations. This panel will investigate and evaluate the grievance, and on standardized objective criteria, determine the course of action taken. A grievance investigation report will be completed by the District Council Representative that files the grievance on their behalf or that of another member. This report will document each phase of the grievance and provide the representative with a guide to gather pertinent information which the grievance panel will utilize to assist with the determination of the course of action to be taken in the process. Upon review of the report representatives may be asked to conduct further investigation or gather additional facts to successfully evaluate the grievance. 

#4 – When the grievance is determined to have merit the responsible parties will be contacted for a hearing with the Grievance Panel. 

#5 – At the conclusion of the hearing all information will be updated into the grievance computer system including status of case and received payments owed. The case will not be closed until all restitution is made. 

#6 – At the discretion of the hearing panel compliance letters will be issued if warranted to the responsible party and tracked in the system to identfy habitial offenders. 

#7-A person on whose behalf a grievance has been filed, may review contents of the District Council’s grievance file pertaining to that grievance by advance appointment made with the Director of Operations. No copies of any document in the grievance file shall be permitted to be made or provided. Provided further, that the District Council reserves the right to remove any document that in its sole determination contains privileged and/or confidential information. Such confidential or privileged documents shall be identified to the reviewing member by date, purpose or type of document, author, recipients, subject matter, and the reason for it being withheld from review by the member. 

Any questions or clarifications regarding this policy can be directed to the District Council, Dircetor of Grievances, Dan Walcott, Director of Jurisdiction, John Sheehy or Director of Operations , Matthew Walker.

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