Sunday, November 13, 2011

Letter To Review Officer Dennis Walsh

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Updated: Originally posted July 6, 2011. 

Excerpt from the Court Transcript, dated November 7, 2011

THE COURT: Mr. Walsh, could you comment on that blue card? I'm not sure I understand that issue.

REVIEW OFFICER WALSH: It's been a long-running issue with many of the members. It was a program instituted by the Forde regime which at least in theory sought to compel one to do one's picket duty and that if you did your picket duty, some $500 that was withheld would then be paid to you. There was a demonstration a couple years ago, which was well-attended, which did get out of hand and led to the arrest of one of the members who did jump up on the security desk. He was brought up on charges and, in essence, turned into a poster boy for the authority of the Forde regime. He was convicted, he was heavily fined, and he was expelled from the union. I've always been very sympathetic to Mr. Brennan's plight, and I have told the UBC that I thought it was a situation that they should revisit, perhaps in the general president's office. Mr. Brennan has since filed a lawsuit, which I believe is active here in the Southern District under the LMRDA, and I also let my opinion be known to the UBC that I think that is a lawsuit that should be settled rather than district council moneys being expended going forward. But the program is very controversial. It is very unpopular amongst a significant percentage of the membership.

To learn more, see BLUE CARD BOY LIVES topic in the forum. 


This letter is on behalf of the 23,000 NYCDCC rank & file Union Carpenters, who for the past 10-years, have been forced to pay a $250/$500 Fine to the District Council as an exaction/extortion upon their wages on a yearly basis, should they choose to refrain from the UBCJA International and/or the NYCDCC mandatory leaflet, banner or picket duty activities put forth by the Organizing Department. Exhibit 1.

07.06.11 Nycdcc $250-$500 Exaction for Picket Duty


  1. So Blue Card boy was right.

    Dennis - show me the Money, c'mon man, Show me the Quan - do your job!

  2. just do your picket and dont include me in your letters 3 people dont speak for 23000 ok

  3. Anymember NYC District CouncilJuly 6, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    Hey Dennis rescind this and watch the whole ball of yarn unravel? I hope you don't run from the district council like the armed forces left saigon in 75(no disrespect to vets)Dennis are you feeling woozy?Everyday your sweater is getting thinner and more threadbare.To anymouse all of the guys that are against this probably did their picket duty already so go back to danielson and put his gun in your holster tool.

  4. John, we have all none this for years. Your problem is that you don't have Bill Hanley to take care of yours any more.

  5. We have all done this for years Bunch of Dopes!

    When the building is out of the ground it's too late.

    What, you think standing around like a bunch of clowns while the Union Officials and Politicans who each game the system and you for tens of millions every Year are gonna do something for you?

    The Illegals march right by you & the GC sets up a Double Gate and you idiots say - Thank You Doug, Thank you Frank, may I have another?

    For 20 of the past 21 years the past USAO & IRO did absolutely nothing about it - wake up moron!

  6. My problem is with the assessments, not the picket duty.

  7. Anymember NYC District CouncilJuly 10, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Hey can anyone tell me One Thing Dennis Walsh has collectively ask the membership to vote on.Forget about full mobility and jurisdiction.Im talking about the way the decisions are made. Why hasn't he used the power of technology to let us vote on the decisions he gives to the district council about vetoes and expenditures.I can find ten guys in an istant that could write a folder for their computer system for us to log in and vote w ubc id# and password.Very simple stuff,put a cutoff date on the issues and let the members vote. ITS TIME TO MAN UP DENNIS WALSH AND SERVE THE RANK AND FILE WHO PAY YOUR BILLS WITH THEIR SWEAT AND EXPERTISE!!! WHO ARE YOU GONNA BE??????????????????????????????

  8. What - you want to Vote, to have a say in your Local Union under the NLRA? You must be out of your freakin mind.

    We are running a Corporation here, We spent millions pushing a bogus lawsuit to take that right away from you.

    We had to bribe DOL officials & pay-off people withyour Dues Money. We can't give that up now!

    You wanna move up the Ladder in this Union son, better get with the Program & start kissing some ass.

    Besides - we gonna give ya a non-binding, make pretend Vote in the new Council structure - it just won't have any legal force or effect; you know - So we can keep doing what we've been doing for 16-years, screwing you guys over & Raiding your Local Treasuries so we can live high & mighty.

    Spencer - get in here:
    Find out who that pissant is who wants a democratic Vote...get me his U-Number, hack his computer, I want his book - bury his ass, starve him out, bring him up on charges...teach him a lesson. We will have no dissension in my Union


  10. You can volunteer for whatever the hell you want, however, the District Council or your Local Union cannot fine you $500 for exercising your section 7 rights.

    Moreover, the Vacation Wages you earn are a term & condition of employment and a property right/source of wealth which you & you alone are entitled to recieve as a matter of long settled law(s).

    The Council Stooges, Organizing Department or the UBC International are not entitled to a slice of your Vacation Check - end of story!!

    McCarron, Spencer & Ballantyne all receive Vacation Pay, courtesy of all the rank & file - yet do they kickback a portion of their wages in the form of a fine or assessment to you the rank & file Union Carpenter? Hell No!

    This is an illegal exaction and extortion of your Wages. The International & DC do this via the mail & wire making it a predicate act for criminal RICO charges.

    The UBCJA & NYCDCC attorneys are in overdrive to bury this case & buy their way out of it - don't kid yourself.

    They shall pull out all the stops, petty cash & offshore/un-numbered acounts that your money can but to avoid jail time for this extortionate scheme.

    Forde & Greaney and the mob stole chump change compared to what these felons will continue to try to exact Nationwide which is $256 Million per year (at $500 per head) and $512 Million per year when McCarron unilaterally raises it to $1k per head.

    He is a crooked bastard and everyone knows it, hence the sudden urge to settle up with Mr. Brennan. Afterall, it is just an Insurance claim right? Fuck it, not their money right, so long as it keeps his ass out of jail.


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