Friday, December 3, 2010

The First Interim Report Of The Review Officer

This report is a must read for all members. The report is riveting, there is no stone left unturned.

Review Officer, Dennis Walsh and his team has lifted the curtain and given us a glimpse into the secret world behind the doors of 395 Hudson Street.

The report with exhibits is 463 pages, Let me know if you experience problems loading the report and I will break it down. IPad users click the link to view report.
(IPad click here)  RO First Interim Report 12.03.10


  1. John, currently, 'Download' seems to be disabled. If you would, please look into enabling the 'download' option. Thank you.

  2. Also, thank you for the posting of the first RO report.

  3. Dan, I changes the settings on the "download" let me know if it is working.

  4. Yes, the Scribd 'Download' function is now working. Thank you.

  5. "The things you have to do for this organization..WOW" You little fat coke head prick.

    I do not know where to start.

    What a slap in the face to all members.Mr. Spencer we want your resignation.NOW.The UBC is having a EST meeting in Hawaii set up by Spencer and he an his wife were in attendance.

    Hey El Arence and Puggy. How did you like Walshs review of your 157 meetings??Ye sir your going far.

    ATVS.. Rolex...San Juan,Palm Beach and Hawaii.Capelli.Ben Glenn.

    Mr Walsh Please come to the Empire Council and expose our rat bastards will you.

    Mr. Walsh. "Your not needed" So you understand now that McCarron is the arrogant prick we said he is.Here is a little insight into Walshs relationship with Spencer and McCarron. It is not so special after all. McCarron is not voluntarily cooperating as Spencer has lied to the membership. He is doing it because he has to and clearly resents Walsh and his Office just as we thought.He is still a cocky arrogant prick.I wonder if Mr. Walsh can bring charges against McCarron for obviously trying to interfere with the ROs Office.One wonders if with this report we can get a federal Judge to remove him from the Presidency of the UBC.

    John the download feature is not working for me.

    John.You have outdone yourself this time. What an important document for the members and the world to see.What a glaring insight into the corruption that is the UBC. This crosses council borders with Spencer,McCarron and the rest obviously conspiring with these scum in "Defrauding the Brotherhood"

  6. John, thanks for posting this but I need to be able to download it... I cant sit in front of my computer to read it all and I am not printing it. Please.... Please.... Please make downloading available.

  7. Click the report link that takes you to the Scribd website. The download feature will work.

    RO First Interim Report 12.03.10

  8. OMG. I can't believe my eyes. Is that union rep. with the Mafia ties Lawrence . You go MR. Walsh. Stop him before he loads the council up with all his cronies. They should through out that UBC thee day show, Trying to hire Thomason son back. What a joke. May be lawrence will brig back Danny DeMarato or Paul Willouby back.

  9. Thank you Mr. Walsh; By the way: how long until we will see your interim report posted on the NYCDCC website?

  10. mr walsh , my hat off to you ! all the r.o before you mccarron told them what to do ( aside from walter mac ) & when to do it . watch out , dougie boy will try to screw you just like he doe's when anybody crosse's him ! he is a real snake , good luck at the nycdc & watch out for the grass , thats were snake's live . im a lay person but your adress to the court was right on the money

  11. Organized Crime

    My office has deep historical knowledge and is developing current information about actual and attempted influence of organized crime over the affairs of the District Council and Funds.

    We have developed sufficient information to reasonably suspect that there are certain District Council employees who have been and are currently under the influence of La Cosa Nostra figures.

    There are also individuals involved in the governance of certain local unions who are under close scrutiny in this regard.

    This is a matter of grave import and remains under investigation.

    When i determine that sufficient evidence has been gathered, appropriate action will be taken. (see page 36)


  13. With all the chaos Pete"The Sneak"Thomassen has caused around here why in the world would Spencer be making Pete's brother-in law Jimmy Snyder a Council Rep. for jurisdictions with that getting a UBC officers pension and the Thomassen continues to take the members money.

    With Pete"The Sneak", John John "The Hairless One" and Mike"Petes Ugly Twin"Kabolla are all gone for corruption what is Spencer thinking. He's not thinking. He's just a Bumbling IDIOT. Snyder retired as a Dockbuilder, began collecting his pension and was handed a cushy job in Labor Management by his brother-in-law Pete. He didn't have the qualifications then and he certainly doesn't have them now.


  14. Call him for a DEPOSITION by Walter Mack. Dennis Walsh you told the members that you checked SCOTTIE out and found nothing, we think you did not check deep enough or far back enough. Did you check out the time when he was grandfathered into a company stewards job at BARUCH college next door to the union hall on E25th St. We all know how the out of work list was minuplated by FORD and CRONYS. DANIELSON WAS a CRONY and IN CHARGE OF THAT LIST FOR 10 YEARS+ He was appointed by The SCUMBAG Newman, (another corrupt and dark time in our history) now lets say he pretended not to know what was going on with the list all that time then we say he is incopetent and this poses the QUESTION why was he promoted by Spenser to a highly responsible position??? something is seriously wrong with this whole picture. Its time now to give the members back some confidence in their union by sweeping the floor at 395 hudson st..WE all know that DANIELSON collected a FAT UNION PAY CHECK OF $100,000-00+ BENEFITS for 10 years, sounds like $1.5M. QUESTION AGAIN IS WHAT HAS HE TO SHOW FOR IT AS REGARDS PROTECTING THE LIST ??? ((zero)) my friend. DENNIS PLEASE TAKE ANOTHER GOOD LOOK AT THIS FELLOW. The members are waiting for you to help them ps. For the newer members SCUMBAG Newman and Tom Dumford were the international reps that set up the corruption in 1999 and grandfathered in THE UNITY TEAM


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