Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fourth Interim Report of the Review Officer

Review Officer, Dennis Walsh has issued his Fourth Interim Report, the report contains numerous items of interest and is a must read for all members.

"No one should assume that because, at least for now, the District Council is free of organized crime influence and the members are finally governing their District Council, the Union can revert to the warm bath of old ways. The Union must move forward and continue to constantly analyze how to improve its operations and control costs."

Click to view: Exhibits 1-10, Exhibits 11-31 
4th Interim Report and Exhibits



  2. Just because you SAY we are mob free, dosen't mean it's TRUE! Could you be wrong? Let's move faster on getting rid of the dead wood at the high paying rep. level. WE CAN DO BETTER and you know it!

  3. We still have JOHN DALY we are NOT FREE.

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