Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue Card Update: June Vacation Checks Delayed

Re: Important Notice Regarding Change in Payment of Working Dues and Working Dues Assessments 

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The District Council will no longer be collecting Working Dues and Working Dues Assessments through Vacation Benefit deductions under previously executed authorization cards (commonly known as the blue card). This change is effective immediately. As a result, you will be receiving your full Vacation Benefit without any deductions for payments due to the District Council.

The District Council is in the process of implementing dues check-off provisions that would allow for automatic paycheck deductions from weekly pay subject to your execution of a valid authorization form. Dues check-off provisions are a lawful, very common, and convenient way for members to pay union dues. In the meantime, we have implemented several ways for you to meet your financial obligations to the District Council. Those payment options, along with the amount due and the due date will be included with your vacation check.

It is extremely important to remember that, although the payment method is changing, there is no change in your financial obligations to the District Council. We urge you to act quickly in making your required payment to the District Council. We need to continue without interruption our efforts to rebuild our Union into a united fighting force against the many threats confronting the unionized construction industry in New York City.

(John's note: BLUE CARD BOY LIVES!)

Source: NYC District Council



  2. Richard DorroughJune 10, 2012 at 5:03 AM

    "in the process of implementing dues check-off provisions that would allow for automatic paycheck deductions from weekly pay subject to your execution of a valid authorization form"

    The NY State law and requirements for these payroll deductions is NYS law 193B.The council may NOT write any provisions that superseded this law.Not only must they have a signed authorization card but this card must be on file with the Union AND with each employer you work for.

    If you choose to direct pay, which is your right,the guidelines are in the UBC Constitution. It gives you up to 60 days to pay and still be in good standing and 90 days to pay before your name is removed from the membership lists.

    So why is the council writing provisions when the law and guidelines already exist. While the Blue Card reversal is a great victory the fact is they were stealing from you illegally to start with and should have ended it long ago. Dont approve provisions that violate your existing rights or limit the time you have to pay direct. What a great chance to disrupt their automatic cash flow by exercising your right to pay over a 90 day period. Also remember that any changes to existing dues and assessments or the imposition of new ones MUST be voted on by a minimum of the delegate body under the LMRDA

    NY Law 193B:§ 193. Deductions from wages.
    1. No employer shall make any deduction from the wages of an employee, except deductions which:
    a. are made in accordance with the provisions of any law or any rule or regulation issued by any governmental agency; or
    b. are expressly authorized in writing by the employee and are for the benefit of the employee; provided that such authorization is kept on file on the employer’s premises. Such authorized deductions shall be limited to payments for insurance premiums, pension or health and welfare benefits, contributions to charitable organizations, payments for United States bonds, payments for dues or assessments to a labor organization, and similar payments for the benefit of the employee.

    C:If you choose direct pay: They want you to pay within 30 days
    If you choose not to they send you a letter telling you that you have 30 more days to pay(total 60) Now if you a till refuse you not in good standing

    Any Local Union, District Council or Regional Council may establish working dues, dues checkoff, supplemental work dues or work fees payable to the Local Union or Council by members work-ing in its jurisdiction. If a member who owes such dues or fees fails to pay them as provided by the Local Union, District Council, or Regional Council, such dues or fees shall be charged to the member by the Financial Secretary by notice in writing that same must be paid within 30 days to entitle the member to any privilege, rights or donations. If the member does not make payment of arrears within the time prescribed, the member shall not be in good standing and he or she shall be notified in writing by the Financial Secretary that unless the amount owing is paid within thirty (30) days thereafter his or her name shall be stricken from membership. Notices shall be sent to the last known address of the member as reported by the member to the Local Union. In cases of such assessments, working dues or fees owed to a District or Regional Council, notice to the member by the District or Regional Council shall satisfy the

  3. shut up Dorrough; rehashing crap we already know. go back to your man/boy lovers association

  4. The leadership at NYCDCC is digraceful. It never ends with these scumbags sticking it up the members ass.

  5. i never signed the additional assesment and have copy of a letter to prove it i will not pay back any money to the thieves in the district council the vacation check gets casher and i will keep my money to buy food for my six kids

  6. Half of our quarterly dues are already pilfered by "our" international affiliate. It would be interesting to see a dollar for dollar audit stating how much money a nyc carp annually pays to the brotherhood compared to members of any other council.

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    1. my work colleague filled out a sample a form copy using this

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