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Union Dues It's Your Money Isn't It?

Transparency measures undertaken by former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, updated the financial reporting forms that unions are required to file with the Labor Department and IRS.

Under Chao, the DOL required unions among other things, to itemize their expenditures and report how much they paid union employees.

Because of these reforms, rank-and-file members can see how their union dues are spent.

Financial transparency protects union members from corrupt officers.

Unfortunately, the leadership at New York District Council of Carpenters would rather keep us blindfolded and deny our fundamental right to information or voting on our contracts.

Union members clearly deserve to know how their dues are spent.

Less transparency in union finances has facilitated union corruption.

Clearly, Unity Team union officers, motivated by greed, conducted the affairs of the council like a self-serving out of control criminal enterprise, that was both detrimental to the welfare and best interest of the district council and its members.

With the arrest of Mike Forde and revelations at the UBC Hearings of:

There is widespread disgust, outrage and mistrust building among the rank and file, demanding more financial transparency, accountability and detailed information on how our dues money is spent.

Since becoming Supervisor, Frank Spencer has undertaken "several measures" in an attempt to correct the problems plaguing the district council. While we applaud Mr. Spencer's initiatives, observers say they fall short of the mark.

The biggest obstacle to reform, is these "measures" are being implemented by the same people who have failed us and led us to where we are today.

It not assuring that Spencer named former "Unity Team" partner, Pete Thomassen, as "assistant" nor the fact that most of Forde's enablers are still in positions of power and trustees to our benefit funds. This is a major source of mistrust and anger among the rank and file.

The illusion that Spencer has cleaned house is just that; an illusion.

Why did Spencer name Thomassen, assistant supervisor?

Why would Spencer do this?

Is union politics trumping what is in the best interest of the membership?

Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered, since Spencer has refused to answer written questions, or provide a forum to answer questions directly.

In an effort to better educate our members on union finances and provide much needed transparency, is providing you with one click, free access to the latest IRS form 990, Department of Labor form LM-2 and 5500 Reports filed by the New York District Council of Carpenters. Under the law you have a right to this information.

What is a IRS Form 990?
Form 990 is an annual reporting return that certain federally tax-exempt organizations must file with the IRS. It provides information on the filing organization's mission, programs, and finances.

How to read IRS Form 990.
Form 990 Information

What is a Form 5500?
Annual Report Form 5500. This report is required to be submitted annually by many ERISA-covered plans. It contains various schedules with information on the financial condition and operation of the plan.
How to read Form 5500
Form 5500 Information

What is a Form LM-2?
Unions covered by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act are required to submit annual financial statements to the US Department of Labor. The LM-2 Form will tell you how many members the union has, the salaries of officers and staff, and other useful information.

Form LM-2 Information
Look up LM-2

990 Reports filed for the District Council, click to view each year.

Date ReceivedFiling TypeFiscal Year EndingTrust Name Plan Number
Total LiabilitiesTotal Receipts
Feb 09, 20099902009 Labor Management56-2410898

Feb 09, 20099902008 Labor Management56-2410898

Jan 11, 20089902007Labor Management56-2410898

Feb 19, 20109902009 District Council13-5569960

Sep 24, 20089902008 District Council13-5569960

Feb 4, 20089902007District Council13-5569960

Sep 27, 20089902008 Carpenters Charity Fund56-2389393

Feb 22, 20089902007Carpenters Charity Fund56-2389393

Apr 22, 20099902008Carpenters Relief & Charity Fund13-3490897

Apr 17, 20089902007Carpenters Relief & Charity Fund13-3490897

Apr 17, 20089902007 Carpenters Vacation Fund13-6227443

Apr 10, 20079902006Carpenters Vacation Fund13-6227443

Apr 17, 20079902006NYCDCC Apprenticeship, Journeyman13-2583087

May 10, 20089902007NYCDCC Apprenticeship, Journeyman13-2583087

May 10, 20099002008NYCDCC Apprenticeship, Journeyman13-2583087

Apr 3, 20079902006Carpenter Welfare Fund13-5615576

Apr 7, 20089902007Carpenter Welfare Fund13-5615576

Apr 9, 20099902008Carpenter Welfare Fund13-5615576

Oct 13, 20089902008Union Security Trust 13-5553175

Oct 10, 20079902007Union Security Trust 13-5553175

5500 Reports filed for the District Council, click to view each year.

Date ReceivedFiling TypeFiscal Year EndingTrust Name Plan Number
Total LiabilitiesTotal Receipts
Apr 10, 200855002007 Carpenter Pension Fund51-0174276

Apr 10, 200755002006Carpenter Pension Fund51-0174276

Apr 10, 200755002006 Carpenters Welfare Fund13-5615576

Apr 10, 200855002007Carpenters Welfare Fund13-5615576

Apr 13, 200755002006Retirement & Pension Plan NYCDCC Employees51-0167964

Apr 11, 200855002007Retirement & Pension Plan NYCDCC Employees51-0167964

Oct 3, 200755002006Union Security Trust Fund13-5553175

Oct 13, 200855002007Union Security Trust Fund13-5553175

Oct 3, 200755002006Retirement Plan of Trustees13-1930084

Oct 13, 200855002007Retirement Plan of Trustees13-1930084

Apr 10, 200755002006Carpenter Annuity Fund51-0174279

Apr 10, 200855002007Carpenter Annuity Fund51-0174279

Apr 10, 200755002006Carpenter Vacation Fund13-6227443

Apr 10, 200855002007Carpenter Vacation Fund13-6227443

Below is all LM-2 Reports filed for the District Council, click to view each year. (032-922)

Date ReceivedFiling TypeFiscal Year
Total AssetsTotal LiabilitiesTotal ReceiptsTotal DisbursementsTotal Membership

Sep 29, 2014LM-22014 Report$64,088,251$1,427,947$32,860,222$42,222,03819,140

Sep 26, 2013LM-22013 Report$73,698,954$74,437$31,148,625$32,056,89718,860

Mar 19, 2012LM-22012 Report$72,729,977$7,108$34,660,705$13,567,40821,131

Nov 22, 2011LM-22011 Report$68,269,387$6,782$31,244,836$31,178,25021,798

Sep 29, 2010LM-22010 Report$62,443,926$1,432,096$32,276,584$59,300,21123,501

Oct 06, 2009LM-22009 Report$58,193,112$1,700,013$53,049,510$41,665,34124,816

Sep 24, 2008LM-22008 Report$47,586,471$2,178,591$58,028,935$39,049,17825,515

Sep 27, 2007LM-22007 Report$32,679,947$1,713,102$45,518,392$43,247,25724,857

Oct 05, 2006LM-22006 Report$23,028,874$1,664,918$44,130,236$44,094,87624,015

Sep 30, 2005LM-22005 Report$23,138,518$3,953,753$39,691,330$38,817,29922,107

Oct 04, 2004LM-22004 Report$22,887,757$1,435,067$37,928,272$38,408,61522,855

Sep 29, 2003LM-22003 Report$22,122,672$1,210,280$32,328,877$30,633,50323,127

Oct 10, 2002LM-22002 Report$22,985,856$1,070,616$32,961,853$32,991,43624,058

Oct 09, 2001LM-22001 Report$20,877,299$1,144,920$34,880,406$34,613,32424,027

Oct 03, 2000LM-22000 Report$14,746,914$810,534$17,671,440$17,739,23323,992


  1. This is wonderful... Excellent work whomever you are!

  2. Good work putting this all on one page.

    Now, can someone, anyone explain to me why we need so much security??  The school pays over $250K a year, the Council pays, the funds pay and pay and pay - why do we need sooo much security?

    ALso, does anyone know what the 'Planning Condominium' for the school is?


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