Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Updated OWL Rules

View the updated New York City District Council of Carpenters Job Solicitation, Registration and Referral System Work Rules.

1.Establishment of Job Referral System: The New York City District Council will make available a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory referral list for individuals seeking work with signatory contractors or otherwise bound to a collective bargaining agreement with the District Council. The terms job referral list" and "out of work list", as used in these rules, are interchangeable and have the same meaning.


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  2. What is the update?

  3. we need to start a work rotation program
    and kill the out of work list.. we need to stop every signatory contractor from maintaining study union employees that is a company journman or Apprentice or even foremen... we must have a qualification training program that qualifies and trains apprentices and constantly re qualify and trains journeyman to make sure that all members are up to date in their skill set... the apprentice training program is not working I saw a for a 4th year apprentice who did deliveries his whole apprenticeship and learned nothing from the classes that he took... we need a system where companies must request every single union member on a job they cannot maintain study employees.. they must conform to our rotation program if they wish to use union workers... the program can be set up very easily a simple computer system can be designed to shuffle the membership based on qualification skill sets... this will also in sure that each member is fully qualified the days of a guy being a sheetrock man or a concrete man are over you must have a well rounded skill set everything that is tought at the nycdcc training center should be required for all carpenters to know... this will insure that a carpenter is ready for what every job that you need send him to.. he can be a foreman a journeyman or a shop steward... he can be sent to a sheetrock job a concrete job a ceiling job or a wood working job... if companies are not allowed to maintain their own employees there will be no more nepotism in companies.. let's get something straight the union is not here for a guy who worked at a company for 20 years to get his nephew in to that company it is here to prevent that from happening and shutting out another union members that is a monopoly.. we must start a fair and non biased rotation work assignment program this will also better insure the qualifications of our members... the out of work list must go it is a joke

  4. yeah that is true if the union would assign worker like a local 3 does and not allow companies to have company men we would be good, too much corruption with the out of work list companies request guys that have been on the job for 4 months already so that they can send them to a new job

  5. it's like the other guy said companies can not be allowed to have workers who are study with that company... the company gets to know the guy and that is biased that is too close for comfort a union worker should be assigned to the company per job and they should have no affiliation with the company outside of the connection with them through the unit... that will also stop companies from putting in workers to the union workers will have to get in the Union through the lottery program only... good idea wish they would actually do it but they never will that would kill all their ability to collect payoffs and bras because it would kill all their influence

  6. it's true how can a guy get a job working as a journeyman for a company or a foreman for a company if that company has the same foreman and journeymen working for them for 20 years. There is no room for new guys in less you know someone and that is not really how it's supposed to be


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