Saturday, August 6, 2011

District Council By-Laws Dated August 5, 2011

Under District Council Bylaws Section 20 and as formally recommended by the Review Officer, the Delegate Body adopted the following standing rule at its meeting on Thursday, April 25, 2013, by a roll call vote of 81-1.

All votes relating to collective bargaining ratification should be by roll call of the Delegates.

These Bylaws are intended to conform with any and all relevant provisions of the Consent Decree, the Stipulation and Order entered on June 3, 2010, and any other Order entered in the matter of United States v. District Council et al., 90 Civ. 5722 (SDNY) (RMB). Any provision of these Bylaws that is inconsistent therewith shall be null and void, and of no force or effect.

This Council shall be the central governing body over and shall have legislative and executive powers on all matters relating to the general interest and welfare of affiliated Local Unions and their members.

NYC District Council Bylaw Draft as of August 5 2011-1


  1. They seem to be basically the same as the last bylaws, is Dennis pulling the piss?

  2. "This Council shall be the central governing body over and shall have legislative and executive powers on all matters relating to the general interest and welfare of affiliated Local Unions and their members."

    As predicted form the start Walsh has used his office to feed the locals to a corrupt District council.Just as he said he would all along he has used his office to put the final nail in your coffin for McCarron and the UBC scum
    If you want to see Walshs true colors hold a rally in protest of his BS bylaws and tell him to stick his sellout bylaws in his ass. Watch how fast he uses, or should I say abuses, his RO office to persecute you if do.

    Have a look at what rights you had before Walsh and what you will have when he is done. He has sold you out to a district council just as I said he would.Wait until you start paying for all these so called "checks and balances" Many of these so called Checks and Balances have wording crafted into them tin them which neuter themselves before they even start.

    What will Walshs answer be when you are sold out. Well "you had the chance to comment" so its your fault.Just like the Forde corruption which had the full support of the UBC,Spencer and McCarron was the members fault.

    I would bet he is working on a book deal as we speak.One has to wonder how many chapters of his new book entitled "How I created and destroyed Unionism in NYC a Bill Walsh fairytail" he has already written.

    Tell me will the NYC membership have the guts to tell Walsh to stick his bylaws and his new World Order Council in his ass

  3. Somebody force Walsh and the US Attorney why we have "and executive powers on all matters relating to the general interest and welfare of affiliated Local Unions and their members" When the US Attorney and Walsh declared all Locals and their membership were MEMBERS of the Council??Why are they now back to be called affiliated as they should have done from the start.. So if it is now "affiliated with and not members of" cannot each Local tell Walsh to stick his bylaws in his ass. Rembewrs Walsh was hired specifically to clean up corruption at the COUNCIL not each chartered and INDEPENDENT Local. He and the US Attorney erroneously listed you all as members of the council so you came under the power of his office. Now that he has imposed his will you are back to "affiliated locals" That is why Walsh and the UBC made sure Harrinton-v-Chao was not looked at by the court because Chao made it clear you WERE NOT members of the council and the US Attorney and Walsh lied to bring you under the control of his office. He convoluted the identity's of the Council and Locals to pull his crap. That is why they have declared all along that because the Council is in trusteeship the NYC locals are automatically . BS they were not. Why follow any pesky rules that by law would have forced them to trusteeship each local to what they are doing.

    Ask yourself why when the Empire Council,was in trusteeship the upstate locals WERE NOT

  4. Roosevelt quoting Lincoln in Kansas - August 21, 1910

    "Of that generation of men to whom we owe so much, the man to whom we owe most is, of course, Lincoln.

    Part of our debt to him is because he forecast our present struggle and saw the way out. He said:

    "I hold that while man exists it is his duty to improve not only his own condition, but to assist in ameliorating mankind."
    And again:

    "Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration."

    If that remark was original with me, I should be even more strongly denounced as a Communist agitator than I shall be anyhow. It is Lincoln's. I am only quoting it; and that is one side; that is the side the capitalist should hear.

    Now, let the working man hear his side.

    "Capital has its rights, which are as worthy of protection as any other rights.... Nor should this lead to a war upon the owners of property. Property is the fruit of labor; . . . property is desirable; is a positive good in the world."
    And then comes a thoroughly Lincolnlike sentence:

    "Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built."

    It seems to me that, in these words, Lincoln took substantially the attitude that we ought to take; he showed the proper sense of proportion in his relative estimates of capital and labor, of human rights and property rights.

    Above all, in this speech, as in many others, he taught a lesson in wise kindliness and charity; an indispensable lesson to us of today. But this wise kindliness and charity never weakened his arm or numbed his heart. We cannot afford weakly to blind ourselves to the actual conflict which faces us to-day. The issue is joined, and we must fight or fail.

    In every wise struggle for human betterment one of the main objects, and often the only object, has been to achieve in large measure equality of opportunity. In the struggle for this great end, nations rise from barbarism to civilization, and through it people press forward from one stage of enlightenment to the next. One of the chief factors in progress is the destruction of special privilege.

    The essence of any struggle for healthy liberty has always been, and must always be, to take from some one man or class of men the right to enjoy power, or wealth, or position, or immunity, which has not been earned by service to his or their fellows."

    re: New Nationalism speech to Civil War vets

  5. Posted in GangBox August 6. Case No. 07-=15574 US District Court Northern California. Gustave Link-vs- David Rhodes ,et al.

    A Union Brother in California had filed a case in which McCarron is named as a defendant. McCarrons lawyers want him removed as a defendant. The basis of the case is that since McCarron and the International control the Councils and the Locals and the Councils control the Locals as any rank and file members knows is a fact then the International can be held liable for polices they have created and policy's created and implemented against rank and file members by councils.

    We have heard everyday about Council bylaw this and council bylaw that. We have heard over and over that the District Council has decided this and the District Council has decided that. Our own mailings now are a reflection of our loss of Local identity and the District Councils domination of our Locals even in our Locals letterheads.

    So you would figure end of story.

    Not so. McCarron and the International lawyers have declared on Page 8 and I quote:

    "Link continues to misunderstand union structure and law governing common law agency relationships. Local, intermediate and international unions are legally separate entities and liability for a local unions actions does not attach itself to the International" and the kicker "Unions generally adopt a three-tier structure: the international union, various intermediate bodies and local Unions. Though they are affiliated by a constitution these organizations are SUCH SEPARATE ENTITIES that they can and do sue each other and THEIR AGENTS HAVE NO LEGAL BINDING AUTHORITY OUTSIDE THEIR OWN UNION ENTITY.”

    So now we have to ask how the UBC has written a bylaw that says it can do exactly what it wants but they tell a federal court they cannot.

    How are they taking the action over and dissolving the New Jersey and New York Locals?

    Why are they telling a federal court that the District Councils have NO LEGAL BINDING AUTHORITY over the locals?

    How are we victims of Council bylaws then?

    And on that line McCarron and the International lawyers have declared to a federal court that the powers they keep quoting "do not exist!"

  6. WHEREAS, realizing that a blow at one organization is a blow to all, we recognize that it is our duty as union members to purchase union-made goods and patronize union shops and business establishments whenever possible to do so" But the stock portfolio of the Locals,Council and International will hold large shares in Walmarts as well as most other companies we picket and call scum and accuse of violating workers rights

    "our aim will be to promote and protect the interest of our membership, to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of all working men and women," How can you even answer this blatant lie and slap in the face to all UBC members who are victims of the UBC every single day. I would bet that is what Forde and the rest that are in prison now were doing all these years with the consent of Spencer and McCarron.It was in the best interest of our membership to dissolve, against their will, all the locals and steal all their assets.

    "This Council is organized in conformity with the Constitution of the United Brotherhood and shall exercise the powers and privileges of a Council under the Constitution and Laws of the United Brotherhood" This is another blatant lie. These bylaws and what you are forcing on the NYC member s is direct violation of the UBC constitution. In response to this Walsh has declared in the last RO forum that the NYC situation is unique and that the UBC constitution sections can and are being ignored.But of course it is not ALL null and void as this statement should make them. They will only use the parts of the constitution that allows MCarron and Spencer with Walsh office to impose their will on the membership. Screw the rest in NY according to Walsh but the 6 and 10 sections are good..

  7. "Candidates for President, Vice President, and Executive Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected by secret ballot vote of the membership directly. Candidates for Warden,Conductor and the three (3) trustees shall be elected by the Delegate Body. Candidates for all such offices must be working within the bargaining unit represented by their Local Union, or employed full time within the framework of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to be eligible" Bull****. The LMRDA has declared the requirements to be eligible to hold office. Walsh may think so but he is not above the LMRDA. Full time employment is NOT required. Only to be on the OWL and seeking employment is required.In an industry of high unemployment and job turnover as well as being in the UBC which has failed to find work for its membership due to ignorance and incompetence you cannot lock out long term good honest union members from office because they are the victim of the economy or a UBC who could give a rats ass if they are working or not. With a UBC that has a documented criminal history of nepotism and persecuting members who do not kiss a UBC ass your going to lock out those who are not working full time at the time of nominations. More of the UBC efforts to see to it that cronies,family members and ass kissers are the only ones who hold office

    TheCouncil shall also receive working dues of $500 per year from every carpenter who has performed carpentry work for a signatory contractor in our jurisdiction during the calendar year. This $500 working dues to this Council shall be due on the first day of the month following the first day of work performed in our jurisdiction each year and must be paid no tlater than April 15th of the following year, provided however, that any member who shall have satisfied his or her Union Participation requirement for the applicable year, pursuant to Section 14(F) of the Bylaws, will receive credit for this $500 working dues requirement. The LMRDA does to separate dues and assessments.Any increase to dues or assessment or new dues or assessments can only happen with secret ballot vote approval not at the whim of some UBC ass wipe as Spencer is doing with the Vacation blue card extortion
    Stick you picket ransom in your ass

    A)The Council Delegate Body, by majority vote of the Delegates present, either in regular or special session, shall have the authority to adopt policies and procedures consistent with these Bylaws to govern the Council and all Local Unions, and to enact all measures,resolutions, trade rules, instruction to members and Local Unions and all other actions that may be necessary to further the objectives and purposes of the Council....Stick your council and delegate body in your ass
    (B) The Local Unions shall not be allowed to employ anyone other than clerical employees. ....Screw you ..Stick your council in your ass

    These Bylaws, Trade Rules and any other rules, resolutions and directives adopted by the Council shall govern and be binding on each Local Union" Since the Locals are "Affiliated with" and not "members of" the council you can stick these bylaws,trade rules,resolutions and directives in your ass

    (C)Any subject not covered by these Bylaws and Trade Rules shall be governed by the Constitution of the United Brotherhood and nothing in these Bylaws shall in any way be construed to conflict with the Constitution of the United Brotherhood

    All current Bylaws of Local Unions must be submitted to the Council for approval. All Bylaws of Local Unions that are inconsistent with these Bylaws are superseded. The UBC Constitution says any bylaws written ONLY have to be approved by the International NOT some scum council rat

  8. Now wake up to WHO SHALL PAY

    The Executive Secretary-Treasurer shall be paid a salary of Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($225,000) per annum which may be increased or decreased by five percent each year.One quarter of a million!!!What WILL his pension amount be???

    The Executive Secretary-Treasurer shall serve as a trustee on any and all trust funds including, but not limited to, health and welfare, pension, labor-management and joint apprenticeship and training funds. HOW MUCH will he be paid as a Trustee for each fund as Forde was.

    Director of Operations and Director of Organizing
    Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General, Chief Compliance Officer, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Human Resources, and Chief Accountant..ARE YOU F..ING kidding. Who will pay for these offices and how much will their salaries and Pension package be???How much is this delusional Labor Management "lets have the crooks overseeing the employers" program going to cost.

    In case of a deficit in the funds of the Council, as determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the District Council Accounting Department, the Council may levy a special assessment on each Local Union based on the number of members in the Local. Blank Check. BS you wont be imposing any special assessment with out a secret ballot vote as required under the LMRDA

    Delegate Body may establish monthly dues or increase working dues payable to the Council by a majority vote of the Delegates voting at a Special Convention.Blank Check powers with no members approval


    For any quarter in which less than 90% of a Local Union's membership have not signed authorization cards providing that working dues will be paid to the Council, a per capita tax shall be payable by such Local Union to the Council based on the number of non-participating members. If any locals membership votes not to pay the council extortion we shall take ignore the right of the members and take the money out the back door. So now we are forcing members to sign the authorization or stealing the money anyways. Hmm. NY York State law 193-b says authorization cards must be voluntarily signed. So if they dont sign your doing what???Extortion is illegal and for the RO Office and US Attorney to allow this is criminal


    The Council may impose a per capita tax on each Local in the amount of $11 per member. The Council may increase the amount of the per capita tax by majority vote of the Delegates voting at a special convention held by the Council

    So we start with $11 dollars per member..

    Then we take "The Council shall receive working dues in the amount of 1% of the members total package rate for each hour worked"

    Than we take The Council shall also receive working dues from each member of $.60 per hour for each hour worked, (subject to review and modification by the Council Delegate Body after review and report by the Audit Committee)

    Than we take "The Council shall also receive working dues of $500 per year from every carpenter who has performed carpentry work for a signatory contractor in our jurisdiction during the calendar year."

    This is what these thieving bastards will take from the working member. While you suffer these losses what will they take from the UBC Officers.Not a god damn thing

  9. Oh and lets not forget the Vacation check extortion illegally imposed and being maintained by Spencer.

  10. Quoting Lincoln in Wyoming 2011, McCarron has got to be stopped


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