Saturday, August 20, 2011

Contract Rally Photo's

I want to thank all the brothers and sisters who came out and supported this impromptu rally. Rally organizers say we have the sound permits for our next rally scheduled on Thursday August 25, at 3:30pm - the day before our contract deadline. This is expected to be the largest rally in the history of the Carpenters Union! Start spreading the word, rally updates and printable fliers will be posted soon.

Send me your pictures and video, email me at or send me a link to your coverage of the rally and I will include it on this blog. Thank you.

iPad, iPhone users click here to see photos.



  2. the memebers of the nycddc should know that the people who r running,is paulie p eddie m are going to put back the old people back in power. i know because i was there with paulie willabee so dont be fooled they are no good for the union.we need change dont vote them back in or we are going to be sorry. paulie never went to a meeting and was a forman for tecno.he never worked with a steward and did his overtime cash!!!!!!!!!!! i worked with him


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