Saturday, August 20, 2011

Contract Negotiations Update

Hundreds of hard working union Carpenters in New York City staged an impromptu rally Friday afternoon at union headquarters protesting rumored pay cuts and lack of information about contract negotiations.

The Friday deadline to reach new contracts for 25,000 carpenters has again been extended, this time until August 26, as the District Council of Carpenters has been unable to hammer out new deals with half a dozen contractor associations.

Talks have broke down, and sources say that the tentative agreement we reported between the District Council and Contractors Associations that called for a 5-percent ($4.25 per hour) pay cut is “off the table.”

Hundreds of Union Carpenters Rally at union headquarters.
“There are no pending memorandums of understanding presently on the table,” the informed source said.

Union officials pulled back after members of the advisory committee and delegates, who will cast ratification votes felt pressure from the rank and file, objected and after concrete workers reached a deal earlier this week that included an 8% raise over three years.

The carpenters' contracts expired June 30 and deadlines have been extended several times, talks will resume Monday at an 8:00 am schedule meeting sources say.

Negotiations for the carpenters are being led by Frank Spencer, who was appointed in 2009 by the general president of United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America to oversee the local union after several of its officials were indicted for bribery.

"Full Mobility" is among the key issues in the negotiations, or contractors' insistence on the right to hire 100% of workers they choose. Presently, as per a federal judge's order, they must hire a third of their workers through the union's hiring hall (67/33). Any changes to full mobility have to be approved by Review Officer Dennis Walsh, United States Attorney's Office and Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Berman.

Plans are being made (which will be posted) by rank and file carpenters for a larger rally to be held Thursday August, 25, 3:30 pm at union headquarters.


CALL YOUR DELEGATES, have all your buddies call their delegates, flood them with phone calls and emails. Your voice WILL make a difference!  Tell them do not vote for any proposal that includes a reduction in wages.

The UBC has promised judge Berman, that the council delegates will vote and ratify the final version of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Do not let anyone tell you different, the UBC did not say the delegates will cast "nonbinding ratification votes," (reported in Crains NY)", they wrote that "the final version of the collective bargaining agreement will also be submitted to the District Council Delegates for ratification."

The UBC could be held in contempt of court, (showing disrespect for the judge) if the delegates do not vote to ratify the contract. (read Conboys May 26, letter page 5).

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  1. Excellent job - don't back down, take no Prisoners. Identify & rid the Council of the sellouts and traitors.


  3. We are union we will never go down with out a fight...... No.more beinb stepped on anf pushed over....stand strong and we will prevail brothers and sisters


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