Tuesday, August 30, 2011

McCarron Dissolves Local 2870 and 2090

Local Merging 8.29



  2. How is this possible without Berman and Walshs write off

  3. Further did not Walsh say NYC was above and beyond the UBC Constitution when he lets McCarrorn and his RO Office violate it to do what ever Walsh and McCarron want. If that is the case how is McCarron using it to dissolve locals. Also I noticed this letter was not cc'd to Walsh,The US Attorney or Bermans court. How is that possible

  4. Once again the almighty general president has raided 2 more general funds and dissolved 2 local unions without any membership input whatsoever! How much more are we going to put up with? The NERCC and our Internation have already proved multiple times that they can care less about its members and is rapidly turning us into a non union carpenters union. Democracy is being taken away from the membership and we are soon going to be looked upon as the enemy by every other union trade. IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE BROTHERS AND SISTERS! WE NEED TO UNITE AND FIGHT AS 1 AGAINST THIS HERE IN NYC OR WE ARE DOOMED! WE NEED IMMEDIATE ACTION! WHETHER IT BE A RALLY OR A WILDCAT STRIKE SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW!

  5. McCarrons entire Scam centers on three cases in 3-differing Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Two involve the appointment vs. election of Business (Agents)Representatives and the third is Harrington v. Chao.

    Everything past these three cases generally is meaningless. All 3-cases can be overturned as their predicate(aside from the obvious payoff) is the erroneous rulings of fact and law and clear judicial error, which more aptly is fraud by a bought off judge or panel.

    Of the three cases, none would survive Supreme Court scrutiny - whether a conservative or entirely liberal Court makeup.

    The battle cannot be won at the NLRB, the DOL or OLMS as all are inherently political animals and corrupt.

    The battle is at the Appellate level in differing Circuits and where it shall be won and pushed to the Supreme Court.

    It is entirely not dependant on the Consent Decree in NYC by any stretch.

    Men are impatient, while the law is not. McCarron and his entire band of 'Merryman', Spencer, Silins, Yeggy etc. will die of natural causes soon enough. They can't take the Plunder with them.

    However, their legacy to labor shall follow them throughout eternity.


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