Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GangBox Commentary, By Richard Dorrough

I have to wonder. Are you delusional. When Forde was convicted the first time he got the full support of McCarron and the UBC. All through his corrupt term he had the full support and collusion of the UBC, McCarron and Spencer.

When Forde ran for office last time he did so with the full support of Spencer, McCarron and the UBC.

McCarron and the UBC who are supposed to speak for the membership told the membership that Forde was a good guy and to vote for him. ANYBODY who tried to expose Forde and his cronies for the crooks they were and are, which has been confirmed by the US Attorneys Office, were PERSECUTED with the full might of the UBC,McCarron and Spencer.

I said PERSECUTED. Make sure you read it.

Under Frank Spencers direct control two councils have been put in trusteeship for corruption and if the US Attorney would get off his ass and have a look at the NJ Council there would be a third.

After all this you have the balls to blame the corruption on the membership. You say it is the fault of the membership and they are to blame!!!! You ignore the collusion of the UBC, McCarron and Spencer.

Tell me, have any of the members who tried to expose the crook Forde and his cronies been made whole again after the UBC PERSECUTION of them for telling the truth about Forde and his fellow crooks? I don't think so because to pursue it would expose your pals McCarron and Spencers complicity.

I hope the members are clear now that you are not here to bring back here democratic rights and restore their Union to them by taking it back from the corrupt elements. Your job is to restore it to the UBC International who are responsible for the corruption in the first place. This time however with the help of your office the membership, the locals and any tiny thread of democratic Unionism will be wiped out.

Why? Because you not unbiased and your not here to help the rank and file. You have made it clear you are here to impose you delusional concept of Unionism which is in boot step with McCarron and the UBC. You have never tried to conceal your agenda and I am shocked members have not petitioned Judge Berman to have you removed for this.

Your office is not advising the court in an unbiased manner that is in the best interest of the rank and file members. Your advising the court in a manner that facilitates Dennis Walsh delusional concept of how a Union should be structured. Locals wiped out and forced into corrupt councils with all rights striped from the rank and file and put in the hands of your BS super Trooper delegates. Forced into a system that has yet to be tested to see if it will even work just because it is part of your plan for the future of the NYC Carpenters.

These same plans have been implemented by McCarron across the US and are a dismal failure and have only served to steal from the membership and destroy their future. But you claim yours will be different because you will impose all these untested so called checks and balances which will be paid for by the members who are already taxed to death. Funny thing is you make it clear that these things will be in only be in place as long as your office is in place. What a slap in the face to the membership who truly believed your office was to be their savior instead of their demise.

So tell me. What will your last sell out of the NYC rank and file be before your office pulls up stakes. Will it be to work with McCarron to lift the consent decree. Will you see to it that the only thing that has kept the hounds at bay to any degree will be removed so McCarron can finish his decimation of the NYC rank and file members.

Before your office the members only had to fight off attempts by Forde and his fellow criminals with the full support of McCarron to get rid of the pesky consent decree. Whats next to the court. "Your Honor Mr. Conboy is right the consent decree was a failure and we don't need it anymore," Will you join Mr.Conboy and ignoring the fact that the consent decree was a failure because it was under constant attack by the UBC, McCarron, Spencer and Forde who did every thing in their power to undermine it and destroy it. Just like now, and now they have you.



  2. scabby go away. you are not a member of the UBC.

  3. Yeah John, keep these delusional crackpots off, at the very least, the main page of your site. Please

  4. The truth indeed will free us. Good Job R.D. :)))

  5. Sorry Mooseport I have been to busy to fill that lonely void between your ears with answers to your ignorance. You can run your mouth all you want because with each post you reveal are stupid you really are.I always knew you were ignorant trash but I never knew you were working for McCarron. I guess we should have caught on when you were defrauding your NYC brothers and sisters with the CC4D and Pat"Gymboree"Nee.
    Thank god the UBC has people such as you to ensure the demise of the membership. You go ahead keep blowing McCarrons horn as he continues to screw you over.The members here can see your part of the McCarron corruption and a loser.Keep sucking off Little Tykes Nee and Carry Kane and watch where it gets you.I hope the NYC members will remember you for your work to screw them over.
    Every once in a while I will stop by and answer you so your not so lonely. It must be hard for you since all the NYC people see you for the joke you are and will not talk to you.May I suggest you buy a puppy. Are you running for council office?? The membership could another laugh.

  6. ANYMEMBER ANY UNION ANYWHEREAugust 4, 2011 at 9:13 PM

    Rich Dorrough I dont know you and I dont care. What I will say is YOURE SPOT ON THE MARK BROTHER (Dorrough joined a new union that might hear his voice.)You summarized the CESSPOOL called 395 Hudson st. I dare any man to tell me what Dennis Walsh has done besides play the role of COLLUSIONARY APPOLOGIST with the international. This AIR BAG (DENNIS WALSH)has done nothing but bill hourly rates to the DC from OUR MONEY FUCK YOU DENNIS WALSH YOU FUCKING SKELL!!!!FUCK FRANK SHITBAG SPENCER!!! AND LETS NOT FORGET JOHNNY BALLWASHER BALLANTYNE!!! ALL OF YOU ARE PUNK BITCHES!!!!AND LAST BUT DEFINETLY THE LOWEST PEICE OF NEOCON SHIT DOUG MC SHITSTAIN YOU ARE A WALKING BLOWJOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LABOR CONQUERS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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