Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11, 14 years on: The Day We Will Never Forget

America on 9/11: firemen at the World Trade Center; the second tower under attack
The 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States will be commemorated today throughout the region, to mark the date this year and honor the victims.

The September 11, attacks occurred when 19 al-Qaeda Muslim fanatics hijacked four passenger airplanes, crashing two of the jets into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and crashing a third airplane into the Pentagon in Virginia.

A fourth hijacked jet crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers tried to take control of the plane from the hijackers.

2,977 people were killed.

Where were you that day? Only a few events in recent history command an immediate answer: the assassination of John F Kennedy; the death of Diana, Princess of Wales; Neil Armstrong’s first step on the Moon – perhaps. Everyone, though, remembers September 11, 2001: 9/11 is the number for emergencies in America.

No happening is as well documented as the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon – the internet has seen to that. But the real record lives in people’s heads: the moment of discovery, the disbelief, the dawning horror.

The attacks were an object lesson in economy of force, the destructive power that can be generated by a small group of Muslim fanatics exploiting the weaknesses of an infinitely more powerful opponent. They are also impossible to forget, a series of outrageous images stamped on the mind.

Mingled with those horrific images are memories of the mundane, normally disposable details made indelible: the afternoon in the office suddenly interrupted, the call from a friend or relative asking one to turn on the television, the sudden rousing from sleep.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters lost eighteen of our union brothers who were working at the World Trade Center at the time of the terrorist attack. Local157.blogspot continues to remember and honor the memory of our fallen brothers and all those who lost their lives.

This video is, Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives; all those who sacrificed their lives; And to all the Heroes that responded to the emergency Tuesday, September 11, 2001.


SEAN CANAVAN, 39 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1981. Finish/Furniture. Local 608. Father and brother are also UBC members. Survivors include his many beloved nieces and nephews.

MARTIN COUGHLAN, 53 Bayside NY Initiated 1987. Interior Systems. Local 608. Immigrated with family from Ireland in 1987.Wife Catherine; Orla (27),Ailish (24), Sinead (21), Denise (19).

MATTHEW DIAZ, 33 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1998. Floorlayer. Local 2287. Reached safety but returned to help others.Wife Karen; Michael (7), Christopher (3).

PAUL GILL, 34 Astoria NY Initiated 1986. Carpenter. Local 608. Fulltime NYC firefighter lost in the line of duty. Wife Tina; Aaron (14).

MAURICIO GONZALEZ, 27 NYC, NY Initiated 1995. Carpenter. Local 608. Held dozens of skill and safety certifications. Wife Evan; Nina (1).

MAURICE KELLY, 41 Bronx NY Initiated 1980. Interior Systems. Local 157.Acoustical ceilings specialist. Children Danielle (17), Sean (10), Thomas (7).

CHRIS KIRBY, 21 Bronx NY Initiated 1997. Carpenter. Local 608. A third-year apprentice and sports lover.

BENJAMIN MILLMAN, 40 Staten Island NY Initiated 1999. Carpenter. Local 608. Wife Toby; Brandon (14), Maghan (7).

JOSEPH MISTRULLI, 47 Wantagh NY Initiated 1982 Interior Systems. Local 157. Foreman and holder of numerous certifications. Wife Philomena; Joseph (22), Mary (21),Angela (16).

BRIAN MONAGHAN, 21 New York NY Initiated 2001.Apprentice. Local 157. Reached safety but returned to help others

DAVID ORTIZ, 37 Bronx NY Initiated 1998. Carpenter. Local 608. Employed by the Port Authority (NYC transit agency).

, 48 N. Arlington NJ Initiated 1973. Carpenter. Local 157. Immigrated from Poland in 1962. Wife Rosemary; Brian (23), Laura (21), Steven (18).

JOHN RIZZO, 50 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1979. Carpenter. Local 608. Wife Concetta; Giuseppe (20), Luigi (10)

DANIEL ROSETTI, 32 Bloomfield NJ Initiated 2001. Journeyman Carpenter. Local 15 (NJ). Was thrilled to “work above the clouds, close to heaven.” Fiancee Christine Bennett; son Justin (14 mos.)

DAVID RUDDLE, 31 Bronx NY Initiated 1996. Interior Systems. Local 157.The youngest of eight children. Daughter Amanda (11).

STEPHEN RUSSELL, 40 Arverne NY Initiated 1987. Carpenter. Local 45. Fulltime NYC firefighter lost in the line of duty.

, 41 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1987. Journeyman Floorlayer. Local 2287. Children Kathleen and Raymond.

, 36 Staten Island NY Initiated 1996. Furniture Systems. Local 608. Beach goer, dog lover, strong union man. Survived by both parents and two younger brothers.



  2. God bless them all and may they never be forgotten and may the lord look over their families for all remaining days

  3. At the end of this article it gives the total KILLED thes e persons were not KILLED they were MURDERED this was an act of terrorism and these were murders and should be called such to remind everyone on this day of mourning

  4. "Never Forget" Eli Weisel on the Holocaust.

    9-11 is no different. 9-11 was, is & remains a continuation of the hatred of Christians & Jews.

    The mainstream media & sellout commie/marxist party of Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer etc. want you to forget so they can get busy re-writing history - in the same way the apologists have been trying to foget the Holocaust and deny the death camps, film footage or policies existed.

    The apologists want hugs & kisses & Mosques built everywhere U.S.A. & will continue with the lies, spin, chicanery & re-writing of history until they get their way. Like the towelheads, they never stop with the bullshit.

    9-11 was an Act of War committed by terrorists committed to destroying America & like the Holocaust - we can never forget it!

    When your President purchases enough ammo to kill every American 3 times over, without cause, ryhme or reason - better watch out, because he will go after the Second Amendment again should he get a second term. Count on it.

    Obama's intent is to disarm the American populace, raid homes, take away your guns and ammo and Constitutional rights and he will not stop until he succeeds.

    9-11 NEVER FORGET!

    that includes this Tuesday when all members of the UBC & DC's nationwide, need to put down the tools, stop what you are doing and have a moment of silence for those murdered on 9-11-01, our brothers and all other victims. Anyone who keeps working should get their last two checks pronto!

  5. "The September 11, attacks occurred when 19 al-Qaeda Muslim fanatics hijacked four passenger airplanes, crashing two of the jets into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and crashing a third airplane into the Pentagon in Virginia."
    WHAT TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT LIES & THIS ASSHOLE REPEATS THE GOVERNMENTS FAKE CONSPIRACY THEORY? DOUCHEBAG.Get a brain asshole.The TOWERS WERE DEMOLISHED by Israeli & AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. RESEARCH DUMMY.PS-There was no plane in the pentagon & no plane in a tiny hole in Shanksville.NONE.And assholes like this let the tyrannical US Government get away with it.DUMMIES.Read 911 LIES.

    1. Next this boob will say Silverstein did it. Big Ed, call the Carpenters Assistance Program (CAPS) & get help. Put a note on the frig to remind you to take your Med's every day. Don't hurt yourself w/ the tools big boy.

  6. "A fourth hijacked jet crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers tried to take control of the plane from the hijackers."
    BULLSHIT LIES.Hey John are you that fucking stupid? Even RUMSFELD said the plane WAS SHOT DOWN over Pennsylvania.It left a 6 mile debris trail & if you don't remember the government CHANGED THEIR STORY 3 X'S about the bullshit lies they told.Let's roll my ass.That was entirely made up. Do some research before your stupidity betrays you.Fucking PARROT.It's assholes like you that let this government get away with their crimes on 911.They had 5 WAR GAMES going on 911-2 of which had to do with attacking the Twin Towers.They only hit 2 but DEMOLISHED THREE?That's because their Pennsylvania plane went off course.That shit had CIA&NSA written all over it. Read some books on the subject genius.U have no clue what you're talking about parrot boy.

  7. By the way genius.....WHY did Bush & Cheney BEG Senator Daschle NOT TO INVESTIGATE 911? Because it would prove their complicity in the attack.The Pentagon ALLOWED 4"Hijacked" Jets to roam around the Northeast for over 1 1/2 HOURS to fly wherever they wanted & They had 5 war games to Cover their tracks.Look up Vigilant Warrior & Vigilant Guardian-google them-do research b4 your print this bullshit patriotic LIES that are complete nonsense. 19 terrorists my ass.Ask the CIA & State Department HOW they even got into this country dummy.Because Michael Springman was ORDERED by the CIA to issue those passports.GOOGLE IT.Some of these "terrorists"even listed their addresses as US NAVAL BASES & they actually lived there.The stupidity of the american people-helped by morons like you- is phenomenal.They let the government get away with anything & everything.The survivors & family members of thew dead were PAID OFF.Name 1 other tragedy in America where people were given MILLIONS Of DOLLARS if they promised not to sue the government...NONE.Talk about outright COVER-UPS.It's BLATANT LIES.And parrots & shilltards like you spew the OFFICIAL BULLSHIT LIES. SCHMUCK.

  8. 9-11 was an Act of War committed by terrorists committed to destroying America- TOTAL BULLSHIT-READ MY COMMENTS BELOW.
    And the Holohoax was bullshit lies just like it.If you did any research you would find NOT 1 GAS CHAMBER was discovered in Germany-Poland or ANYWHERE in Europe.NONE. All bullshit lies.

  9. I see this post has brought out the crazies and the idiots.

    Too bad

  10. YOU are the fucking idiot if you believe the government "OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY STORY" asshole.
    If you had half a brain you would look up what i said stupid.With no research & a completely sheeplike mind,you are lost forever moron.

    1. Big Ed, You are a BIG ASS and a jew hater.Just one more scumbag in a scumbag union.

  11. Anybody who believes that 9/11 was a government conspiracy and that the Holocaust didn't happen is a God damned fool, Big Ed.

  12. Did we all forget that the 9-11 terrorists attacked military targets? They clearly were engaging in an act of war, so why are we trying them in civilian court?
    Terrorists, are NOT civilians. They are soldiers who refuse to go under a flag except for the flag of Islam. We are dealing in semantics here... when someone clearly attacks a military target, they should be tried in a military court.

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  13. Please respect the nature of the article and the 18 names listed above they could have been any carpenter going to work any day safe your ass#ole comments for a different forum.

    A daughter who didn't have her father to walk her down the aisle

  14. God bless the families of our fallen brothers. God bless all who suffered loss and despair due to this tragic event.I wish all the families peace and some kind of comfort that makes them feel better. Bill K.

  15. ZERO -

    SFO's 2-6" thick terrorism manuals documented every known terrorist plot/activity since the advent of the plane worldwide and named one of Bin Ladens operatives (Moussaui) as the architect of the plot to use planes as guided missles into both the Pentagon & the WTC Towers as early as 1995. The U.S.A. prepared for these type attacks in 2000.

    Many of us privy to these type reports stopped flying altogether. When you are building a major airport and have airside & landside clearance and you see how vulnerable U.S. Airports are with their lax security; driving or Amtrak look like far better options. The continual proof is in the teenage & old lady stowaways breaching security & getting on planes undetected.

    The Pentagon crash of flight 77 is most peculiar given the diameter of the entry hole, 86 camera's shooting (all video confiscated by the FBI) on the exact impact zone & not one with a pic of any plane in it at the exact moment of impact.

    The WTC Towers & Tower 4 all had columns with the perfected 60 cuts & fused steel found only in controlled demolitions of steel high rise buildings. The general public will never see the direct evidence as the government made sure the metallurgists were never to view or examine said columns. Direct evidence was intentionally hidden, then destroyed.

    Hey, this sounds like the NYCDCC Consent Decree - typical governmental collusion, fraud, lies and misdirection.

    Damn all you conspiracy nuts and your fellow deranged commies & loners too - we never lie....

    Uncle Sam

  16. God bless them all and may they never be forgotten and may the lord look over their families for all remaining days

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  20. As 15 years approach my heart aches everyday for my father who was just at work doing his job. You were taken way to soon !

  21. As 15 years approach my heart aches everyday for my father who was just at work doing his job. You were taken way to soon !

  22. Definitely a dark day for America... May we never forget and always remember those whose lives were lost.

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