Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jawin Site Closed

Brothers and Sisters recently the popular Jawin message board has been shut down. There are those in the UBC that are actively seeking to silence those who speak out. These UBC leaders are upset that common citizens like you are exercising your right to free speech, and are using it to let the UBC know you had enough of their lies and are going to let their voice be heard.

It has been well documented at the UBC Hearings, both Pete Thomassen and Dennis Sheil, among other things, turned a blind eye to contractor corruption and failed to protect our financial interest. 

We are intentionally being kept in the dark by these UBC leaders. This is our union, these are our employees taking bribes and narcotics, hiding illegal weapons and drugs on our property, while Frank Spencer installs the person closest to the corruption, Pete Thomassen to a position of power.  

Local157.blogspot believes in the free and open exchange of ideas and opinions in the belief that as union members you have the right to hear, and to be heard. I urge you to get involved, stand up and speak out. Make phone calls, send the e-mails, use this forum.  Don't let the UBC silence you! The future of our union is at stake. Please keep it up!


  1. <pre>Frank Spencer was trying to tell everyone at a meeting last week "Ship up or ship the fuck out"... Frank's head is spinning from all this!!

    Then more shit last week "Drugs,guns" ...Were trying too keep the ship a float for the vote!! Thats why Peter Thomassen still has he's job!!! Something big happen last week on the east side don't have all the details yet. Jobs are on the line!!!..Working on it...


  2. Frank Spencer was trying to tell everyone at a meeting last week "Ship up or ship the fuck out"... Frank's head is spinning from all this!!

    Then more shit last week "Drugs,guns" ...Were trying too keep the ship a float for the vote!! Thats why Peter Thomassen still has he's job!!! Something big  happen last week on the east side don't have all the details yet. Jobs are on the line!!!..Working on  it...

  3. Frank Spencer was trying to tell everyone at a meeting last week "Ship up or ship the fuck out"... Frank's head is spinning from all this!!

    Then more shit last week "Drugs,guns" ...Were trying too keep the ship a float for the vote!! Thats why Peter Thomassen still has he's job!!! Something big  happen last week on the east side don't have all the details yet. Jobs are on the line!!!..Working on  it...

  4. Look at the meeting schedule, way over on the west side. Don't trust it.

  5. I have been thinking about internationals role in this whole scandal and have reached two possibilities, neither of which I like very much. 

    1) International knew about this little situation, they knew on some level their was (alleged?) rampant corruption and allowed law enforcement to intervene.  If this is the case, how long did they know?  Did they alert law enforcement officials themselves or did law enforcement notify them?

    2) International had nary a clue about this whole situation. 

    The latter flies in the face of the purported purpose of having the council structure.  I ask "who was watching the watchers?"  Where was international when all this was going down and who's responsibility was it to serve as a check against these types of illegal activities? 

    The former presents another problem all together.  Why would international not step in when it may have initially gotten wind of the scandal?  We should not have to rely on outside agencies to force us into action.  Sure, if international knew then took action it should notify law enforcement but it should have done something before things got this far.

    I also blame those members who were involved in these drug parties in our apprenticeship school.  How could anyone let this go on?  I am disgusted by the idea that there was not one decent person who stepped up and blew the whistle.

  6. i was an apprentice seen people get kicked out for drugs and drinking .lol what a joke the teachers are junkies and they where kicking people out.the apprentice program wasnt that bad but the rules suck they want you to find work and if you dont you get kicked out.guess you have to no the right people to keep working or be a drug addict.wasted a few years there and got the cold yourself a big favor dont be a apprnetice  find another trade dont get screwed

  7. they knew about the corruption but did nothing to stop it. It was being tested for cocain that finally made the UBC get invloved!

  8. Do you have a source for this?

  9. I really think those attending this hearing need to make a statement.  If the demand is for the DC to get flushed, we need to say so and take some direct/collective action to see to it!

  10. <span>This is really not the answer, the answer is to not be so cynical and to fight for what is ours!</span>

  11. Mr Spencer,

    The only way to correct the situation at the NYC DC is to replace ALL employees every single one of them in the DC, the funds, and ALL the local unions.

    Every employee sat around and did nothing while they watched Mike Forde abuse drugs and the UBC. 

    Fire all of them and have them replaced.  The first firing you should do, is ODwyer and Bernstein -

    if they were lawyers who were truly representing the member of the NYC DC, they would NEVER have allowed the corruption and drug use to continue.  Shame on Brian ODwyer - he is but a shadow to his father.

  12. I was also an apprentice .Wasnt happy with the on and off work.if you no someone it is true  you get treated better .If you dont no anyone they treat you like garbage.Find a better trade this carpenter trade is over run by non union work,PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE, and by all Drug and Money fueled evil people who are not looking after there BROTHERS and SISTERS best intrest.I wish all carpenters and apprentic good luck.looks like it is everyman for himself ... UNLESS YOU NO SOMEONE

  13. Fellow Brother , and sister construction workers: Please before we make Assumptions about people,Please remember We are American, and in America is it on ly fair to remember our Brothers and sisters are Innocent until Proven Guilty.

  14. The clock needs to be Cleaned!!!!!!!

    All Unity Team Personnel need to go!

    Then,All the salaries need to be cut!
    These people are living like rockstars!

    No one's family members given jobs!

    Lets Make a difference!

  15. Another thing!


    BA's were threatening members to sign it!

    They are supposed to be looking out for OUR best interests!!!

    ALL the powers that be should also have their assets looked at,for kick backs from DC investments...

  16. they all should go. i dont believe they knew nothing of what was going on

    the requesting off the list must end
    and no one who lives outside the city should be hired  until the list is down to a thousand

  17. still waiting for work.

  18. One of the real problem is the bm's and the ba's andbr's stop supporting their stewards and started threathing stewards and siding with contractor formen in the field   now aday it is easy for foreman to replace stewards for any reason the foremen cook-up or send a letter to the d.c. warning or real most case's the steward report the company or company not paying benefit the steward stand alone......foremen hassle steward when their want a walk around to check the site or work area.......told when they can check worker union card or cert for a job......or check who working on site by other carpenter of another company.........this is why so many non-union worker are at union's or br's take their time to come to a site with union or personal issues..they come quick to replace a steward......why is this?  foremen disrepect union worker with foul word or slander..put pressure on some worker towork harder or faster while they bubbies b-s the day away....shortening breaks including lunch, use intimidation on carpenter all other trade see this and know this to be a fact.....ask any electrican or duct worker even laborer receive more repect on the just ask....... 

  19. Just a check to see who out here,   how many carpenters  and stewards ,have lost their job for reporting a companies wrong doing's or was hassled badly   ?????
     check in
    how many times ,was you hassled about a danger on the job????? what do the foremen say I'll get someone else to do it in a threating matter to you ?????how many of you

  20. The Steward Ad-Hoc CommitteeJanuary 2, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    <span>Sadly many Stewards have been sanctioned and are nearly powerless to do much about it. We know of a few offhand. We are sure there are many more. The manner in which some have been sanctioned is unofficial and often subtle thereby making it difficult to prove. We are hesistant to say more than this for now but do know that we are working on ways to counter the current state of affairs regarding this issue.</span>

  21. How was the site "closed" was there some legal action taken to close it?  <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>

  22. Frank Spencer who has assumed supervision over our District Council. said shut it down what eever it take we dont need bad press

    New Carpenters Local 608 head Mafia Connected

    <span>August 17, 2009</span> by <span style="color: #006699;">The Boss</span> · <span><span style="color: #006699;">Leave a Comment</span></span> 
    The union official put in charge of the city’s troubled carpenters’ union was once convicted of taking bribes from mobsters – though he was later acquitted in a retrial.
    Martin Devereaux has been named to lead Carpenters Local 608 after it and 10 other unions were put under emergency supervision last week after District Council of Carpenters  boss Michael Forde was indicted on federal bribery charges.
    Last summer, Devereraux and  Forde beat a the rap in a case charging they took bribes from a man linked to the Decavalcante Crime Family, the mob that inspired the hit HBO series “The Soprano’s.”
    The two were convicted in that case in 2004, but a Manhattan Supreme Court justice tossed the conviction because some jurors had read news accounts of the case. The pair was acquitted after a second trial in June 2008.
    On Wednesday, the feds charged Forde and nine others, including two mob associates, with taking bribes to let  contractors cheat workers of wages and benefits.
    Devereaux, vice-president of Local 608, was named acting president late Wednesday to replace John Greaney, who is one of the defendants in the federal indictment.
    Devereaux has served for years with Greaney as a district council delegate.
    The move follows union bylaws, which promote the vice-president to the top slot if the president cannot serve. The action was approved by Frank Spencer, chief of the eastern district of the International Brotherhood of Carpenters, a spokesman said.
    Spencer was brought in by the International Brotherhood to supervise the district council in the wake of Forde’s indictment.
    Also in the shakeup, District Council president Pete Thomassen was named special assistant to Spencer in running the the tainted organization, the spokesman said.

  24. mike Mafia linked Carpenters Council case heats upJanuary 2, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    Mafia linked Carpenters Council case heats up
    Contractor James Murray went on the lam in Ireland after he was indicted on federal fraud and embezzlement charges in 2006.
    Sources said he has returned and is believed to be helping the feds prosecute Michael Ford, head of the politically powerful District Council of Carpenters.
    Murray, owner of On Par Contracting, slipped into the country late last year and turned himself in.
    Court records show he was freed on $8 million bond in November and began plea bargain negotiations with Assistant Manhattan U.S. Attorney Lisa Zornberg, who is prosecuting Forde.
    Indicted with Forde in the 29-count bribery and racketeering indictment is contractor Finbar O’neill, a reputed Luchese crime family associate; Joseph Olivieri, a reputed Genovese crime family associate, and Carpenters Local 608 chief John Greaney.
    Also indicted were shop stewards Michael Brennan , Brian Carson, Joseph Ruocco, John Stamberger  and Michael Vivenzio.
    Prosecutors refused to say if Murray is cooperating; his lawyer did not return calls for comment.
    Prosecutors also would not confirm that On Par is one of six unnamed companies that paid bribes to Forde and his cohorts.
    It appears Murray may be Contractor No. 1, the unindicted co-conspirator with the deepest involvement in the bribery scheme.
    Contractor No. 1 is identified in the indictment as a major drywall company, as was On Par.
    Among the numerous accusations linked to Contractor No. 1 is skulduggery at 63 Wall St., where On Par was a key player, and 3536 Cambridge Ave., a Bronx building in which Murray reportedly was a major investor.
    Olivieri, the reputed Genovese mob soldier, is charged with perjury for lying about illicit finagling to get his excavation company a $1 million job at the Cambridge Ave. building and other Bronx job sites.
    Contractor No. 1 was so enmeshed in the scheme that when he began to worry that Greaney might rat them out, Brennan, the indicted shop steward, assured him that would never happen.
    Then, he added menacingly, if it did, “We’d f—in’ have to kill him,” the indictment said.
    Brennan turned himself in to prosecutors Thursday.
    Murray skipped to Ireland after he was indicted on charges similar to those leveled against Forde.
    Prosecutors say he pocketed $10 million by paying workers off the books, hiring nonunion workers and claiming them as union members and misrepresenting the number of union workers on his work sites

  25. mike Mafia linked Carpenters Council case heats upJanuary 2, 2010 at 3:31 PM

    Another thing! 
    BA's were threatening members to sign it! 
    They are supposed to be looking out for OUR best interests!!! 
    ALL the powers that be should also have their assets looked at,for kick backs from DC investments...

  26. mike Mafia linked Carpenters Council case heats upJanuary 2, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    this is what brought  down jawin <span>$2,300,000</span> on August 13, 2009
    B: Bonita Grabois<span>, </span>Stuart Grabois 
      Stuart Grabois is really pissed  how did a man who earns 88 grand buys a2 million dollars apt?



  28. <span><span style="">what happened to jawin???????????????????????????????????
    who took it down????????????????????????
    what was the cause of it being taken down????????????????????
    Is it coming back soon I hope???????????????????????????
    It is sad to say but we all get more information about the affairs of our union at jawin than we do from anyone of the stooges who run our union. You would think that if they had nothing to hide they would laugh off what is posted, I guess someone at the top wants to suppress our opinions and freedom to express our opinions especially when it is backed up by facts.</span></span>

  29. it seem even on this site all is quiet.....we are the back bone of the trade and we catch all the heat......
    most company men lie and try to blast member off the list to maintain their employment......quick to high light the list carpenter when errors are made and down play their own.....blast you in front of foremen and sometime to super's why is this no other trade do this....where are the carpenter that look out for their union brothers...?????

  30. What happened to Jawin and who would gain from it been shut down and also how was it shut down, buy what authority

  31. Tell joey ( crybaby)  firth to stop crying and take it like a man  billy and freddy took it over here but you cry likr  a girl,,,,,,,shut up

  32. Hey joe  nice job you set up for you and family at ground zero, how about helping some 157 guys and we will help you   !!!!!!!

  33. They were all crooks over there    Joey was bag man   .....

  34. Enough is enough,  Get ride of him already and make one local

  35. <span style="">Jawin has moved again! </span>
    <span style="">We're deeply Sorry for the inconvenience</span>
    <span style="">The new address is: and "should" remain</span>
    <span style=""></span>
    <span style="">in memory of
    The New York City District Council of Carpenters Building</span>
    <span style="">Located at:</span>
    <span style="">at 395 Hudson Street, NYC</span>
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