Monday, December 5, 2011

Updated: The Third Interim Report of the Review Officer

Excerpt from the report, The Organized Crime Threat

Organized crime, predominantly through the Genovese family (though other families continue to have interests and "turf") remains active in its efforts to corruptly influence the District Council and particularly some of its local unions. My office spends considerable time addressing this threat and I employ a broad range of investigative techniques. My staff and I have gathered significant evidence of criminal conduct engaged in by persons affiliated with the Genovese family, some of whom are members of the Union. I and members of my staff meet and confer regularly with law enforcement authorities in this regard. As the investigation is ongoing, I am constrained to say nothing further on the subject.

Please click to read Third Interim Report Exhibits 1 thru 45 (pages 1 to 217) (pages 218 to 419). 3rd Interim Report



  2. Men at sometime are masters of their fates;
    The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.
    Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, I, ii

    3rd Interim Report of Review Officer

    Hardly Dennis; rather, the fault lie in those gaming the system who ignore the U.S. Constitution, every Federal labor law on the books and Appellate & U.S. Supreme Court precedent as it applies to trade unions and who routinely usurp the Congressional authority to legislate and amend Federal labor law to suit their corrupt agenda and continued 50-state racketeering scheme while ignoring their own sworn oaths to uphold the law & the courts sworn duty to enforce precedent vs. making it up as they go.

    The primary vehicle used to accomplish this is the illegal and continued denial of 'standing' for NYCDCC rank & file members to be heard in the Federal District Court; for, without standing, your phony bullshit relative to Brutus was applied because you associate everyone in the brotherhood as brutes incapable of original thought, action or plan and too stupid to know what's good for them.

    You are the one rigging the game Dennis along with Douglas J. McCarron, your former boss ex-Judge Conboy and the new Judge, Richard M. Berman & the corrupt United States Attorneys Office by the continued fraudulent illegal denial of standing.

    Once that general ground rule was established - the raping of Locals, their Funds, assets and tangible & intangible property rights by those of you directly involved and personally profiting from rigging the game & shitting on everyone's rights could began in earnest.

    It's got nothing to do with Brutus or Shakespeare, rather - it has more to do with all of your arrogant, we are above the law attitudes. None of you assholes should hold a bar card in any state and you all belong in jail for your 4+ year crime spree.

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