Sunday, December 4, 2011

Union Transparency

In an effort to better educate our members on union finances and provide much needed transparency, is providing you with one click, free access to the latest LM-2 Reports filed by the New York District Council of Carpenters. Under the law you have a right to this information.

What is a Form LM-2?
Unions covered by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act are required to submit annual financial statements to the US Department of Labor. The LM-2 Form will tell you among other things, how many members the union has, the salaries of officers and staff, and other useful information.

Form LM-2 Information
Look up LM-2

Below is all LM-2 Reports filed for the District Council, click to view each year.

Date ReceivedFiling TypeFiscal Year
Total AssetsTotal LiabilitiesTotal ReceiptsTotal DisbursementsTotal Membership

Nov 22, 2011LM-22011 Report

Sep 29, 2010LM-22010 Report

Oct 06, 2009LM-22009 Report

Sep 24, 2008LM-22008 Report

Sep 27, 2007LM-22007 Report

Oct 05, 2006LM-22006 Report

Sep 30, 2005LM-22005 Report

Oct 04, 2004LM-22004 Report

Sep 29, 2003LM-22003 Report

Oct 10, 2002LM-22002 Report

Oct 09, 2001LM-22001 Report

Oct 03, 2000LM-22000 Report

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