Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Court Conference Transcripts of December 20, 2011

THE COURT: So, this is one of our regularly scheduled status sessions. Here are the issues that I would like to hear about and then if there is time after that, if there is anything else that people want to talk about, but I would like to hear about the -- let me just list them: The elections. If there is anything new to stay about the bylaws. I would also like to hear about the status of the collective bargaining agreements and if there is also anything, no. four, about the restructuring. And then, Mr. Walsh, I want to hear about the,what you put in -- something that you included in your third interim report dated December 5, 2011 which you mentioned that your office was investigating -- this is a quote from that report, the suspected involvement of members of local unions affiliated with the district council with a new union. We will call that, for want of a better phrase, the amalgamated union, and anybody who wishes to be heard on that subject.
12.20.11 U.S. v. D.C. Status Conference

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