Thursday, December 29, 2011

Financial Accomplishments During Supervision

From: Terrence R. Mooney CPA

To: Mr. Frank Spencer, Supervisor,

I would like to take this opportunity to represent the financial accomplishments made at the New York District Council during the period of August 2009 through November 2011. As noted in my finding report to the members and the International in October of 2009 there were accounting deficiencies that needed to be addressed by this council to ensure the safeguarding of the assets of its members. These following accomplishments are a tribute to the talented employees of this council and the dedication to perform their obligations to the members. Although this list is not all inclusive it will provide the members an overview of the financial steps taken under the supervision as they related to finance.
Accomplisment Letter 120611



  2. Terrence R. Mooney CPA

  3. explain the need for "PETTY CASH"

  4. This man needs the 500 word essay exam!

    He can't string 2-sentences together that make any sense & he is in charge of the money....seriously?

    Time to hire a competent CPA firm from one of the 5-borough's.

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