Monday, December 3, 2012

The Fifth Interim Report Of The Review Officer

This is my Fifth Report as Review Officer, covering June 4, 2012, to December 3, 2012. It summarizes significant events affecting, and undertakings and recommendations regarding, the District Council of Carpenters and its Benefit Funds.

For a variety of reasons, the business and administration of the District Council and Benefit Funds remain on a sound footing. Though both institutions have suffered missteps in the period covered herein, they are ably run by numerous skilled professionals and employees whose yeoman performance and dedication to serving the members goes largely unheralded and even unappreciated.

There are serious challenges that must be met in, among other areas: gaining and implementing new collective bargaining agreements and compliance measures; litigation risks; continuing member apathy; collection of member dues and assessments; organizing; upgrading and gaining the benefits of technology; and improving the democratic system, which is the foundation upon which a bright future must rely.

All of these challenges must be addressed with the knowledge that any failure will likely be exploited by opportunistic racketeers and their associates.

Exhibits 1-8 
Exhibits 9 -20fifth interim report


  1. Mr Mususmeci I dont give a frenchmans fuck what he says I would like to see this Scott Danielson(the ultimate matatsticized cancer of the dc)How much longer do we all have to be fleeced by this poor excuse for a human. John I ask you and all the countless lives ruined by this mans action and inaction throughout the years.Whats the price of a destroyed family because of him destroying their livelyhood?how many more times Dennis?Macks gone now take out the trash.

  2. Funny that the carpet scandal was never mentioned in his report . Is Mr Walsh hiding something ??


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