Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Trial Committee Approved by the Delegate Body

To drastically reduce costs and and raise efficiency for the District Council Trial process as requested by the delegate body, three applicants were recommended to and approved by the delegates on Wednesday, Nov. 28 to serve as Trial Committee chairman on a rotational basis.

By decision dated October 31, 2012, the Review Officer Dennis Walsh, at the request and with the participation of the District Council, terminated the relationship of Walter Mack as Chairman of the Trial Committee and Jim Zazzali as Vice-Chairman of the Trial Committee to be effective no later than November 30, 2012. Mack and Zazzali were hired in July, 2010.

The new Trial Committee chairs will consist of:

Barbara Deinhardt – Arbitrator/Mediator with vast experience in the State of New York Employee Relations Board who also previously served as the Election Monitor for the NYC District Council of Carpenters elections and as counsel to the Trial Committee for the Utility Workers Local 1-2;

Carol Mann Esq. – Deputy County District Attorney – Kings County, NY – Labor Relations Officer/Hearing Officer for Labor Relations Board; and

Santo Barravecchio – Retired Captain NYPD – served in the Advocates Office and Stony Brook University as hearing officer/manager of the Labor Relations Department.

The new process, which is empowered by the UBC Constitution with an independent chairman, will drastically reduce costs to the council and maintain a fair and just process for bringing members up on charges and properly adjudicating the case in a timely and efficient manner.



  2. also defendants will not be able to represented by legal council.they will still be prosecuted by josh lieht. carpenter vs lawyer. now thats justice


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