Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mack and Zazzali Terminated

By decision dated October 31, 2012, the Review Officer Dennis Walsh, at the request and with the participation of the District Council, terminated the relationship of Walter Mack as Chairman of the Trial Committee and Jim Zazzali as Vice-Chairman of the Trial Committee to be effective no later than November 30, 2012.  Mack and Zazzali were hired in July, 2010.

Walter Mack
James Zazzali

RO Decision Regarding the Trial Committee

Exh. 1 Walker Memo 9.26.12
Exh. 2 WM JZ Response to Walker
Exh. 3 Decision of 7.10.12
Exh. 4 Decision of 10.3.12
Exh. 5.a email 10.12.12
Exh. 5.b email of 10.26.12
Exh. 6 Danielson memo 10.26.12

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  1. Gotta love it! Apparently defendants who bring to the forum a competent attorney to defend their interests are compelled to play by stupified rules or risk being called piscatologist's when defending themsleves or a client.

    It seems that the DC prefers the UBC's irrational Kangaroo Court system wherein charges & defenses to same are ruled upon by emotion vs. fact or law to a certain degree.

    It's fairly easy to prefer bogus charges & rile up the gullible & illiterate within the organization. Behavior at Local Union Meetings amply demonstrate this point.

    Matt Walker demonstrates this point further with his statement regarding plea deals and intimating the typical cop rational that all defendants are guilty until proven innocent & should (vs. constitutional demands of innocent until proven guilty) thus plea out. e.g. We charged ya Pal, so you must be guilty...don't waste our time...have we got a deal for you. He vs. Mack needs to go! [emphasis added].

    It is the UBC Constitution which created the quasi-judicial forum, yet when a rank & file member presents an adequate or better still, a competent defense, it is still subject to the political whims of the UBC Intenational who does not; and who never has played by the rules of law as cited within this report - yet no one dare address that aspect of this criminal organization and members have to ask..why not?

    Face facts, after 23-years the majority of which have been under the Consent Decree, the Court should be embarassed with the entire process and the failure to achieve the desired results. St. Doug continues to run afoul of the law on all accounts, yet he is allowed to feign clean hands and is thus never investigated although controlling the corruption directly for near the entire duration of the Consent Decree.

    Forget the semantics & all the latin legal phrases and big words as this is nothing more than job justification by those who may be next on the list of future pending cuts.

    Unfortunately, it will be the members who suffer. You know the drill, it ain't personal, it's just business. The ole Hill St. Blues mindset of " let's do it to them before they do it to us" routine.


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