Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The District Council Want's Your Feedback!

Updated 11.22.2012

The District Council has added a new feedback feature (required by the Bylaws and pushed by the RO) and has launched a new Facebook page (no content yet) "in an effort to strengthen its community and better communicate to the members and the general public."

Members can submit their material by using the feedback link now up on the District Council's home page or submit your comments to communications@nycdistrictcouncil.org for consideration.

The DC says..."Certain pieces will be published on the website and/ or the Carpenters Magazine periodically based on Executive Committee and Editor approval. The committee and editor also reserve the right to refuse publications or to edit any editorial material as seen appropriate."

(John's note:  I find it rather pathetic that this is what passes for bold reform under the Bilello administration, and that the District Council had to be pushed by the RO into getting a member feedback featured up and running. 

After all the abuse and corruption the membership has endured, you would think that such a section would be a no brainer. I suspect that the RO will have to continue to push this feature, you may want to copy me or the RO on any feedback you submit to make a record of what is received and rejected.


  1. The District Council is the most wonderful Orgnization in the entire planet.

  2. Sit down, shut up - Bend Over & take it like a Democrat!


  4. Welcome to the machine its alright we told you what to think so welcome to the machine.Welcome to FACISM welcome to Federal Prostitution when an elected official(prostitute)places his crony lawyer friend to oversee monitorship Monitor collects the money and sets the rules. No end in sight only when OUR money runs out.So welcome to the machine whats factual???


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