Thursday, November 15, 2012

Candidates Approved for Special Presidential Election

Greetings Fellow Carpenters:

A meeting was held yesterday evening, Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 5 PM, at the NYCDCC Labor Technical College (LTC), 2nd fl. Common Room, for the purpose of nominating candidates for NYCDCC president.

The RO announced that all five candidates (that had submitted 150 or more valid nominating petition signatures) were approved, with the candidates being: Dan Franco, Joe Geiger, Martin Maguire, Steve McInnis and Jeremy Milin.

The RO then asked one-by-one in alphabetical order by last name whether there were nominations for each of the approved candidates.

George Rodriguez nominated me, Dan Franco. Geiger was in attendance but no nomination for him was made; he and all else remained silent. John(?) Murphy nominated Martin Maguire. Charles McInnis nominated his son Steve McInnis. Michael Power nominated Jeremy Milin.

In solidarity,
Dan Franco


  1. Will those voting get a preview of their thought processes as to the duties of the President under the RO's new Bylaws?

    If so, will there be an Essay reuirement?

    Will there be a videoed debate(s) so the rank & file can see firsthand what each candidate has to offer & why they will not repeat the mistakes of the past President?

    If so, when will these events transpire?

  2. How about we have a Skill Contest?

    you know, Buidl a saw horse, set some formwork, metal studs & drywall, cut some stair stringers & roof rafters, set a window, door etc., build a fireplace surround for Fireside Chats with the EST & E-Board, design & build a lecturn for the debates and then we can proceed to part two?

    Can they turn on a computer, are they literate, test them on the bylaws, constitution, consent decree & roberts rules. Do they have common sense, vision & discipline? Can they speak on the fly w/o tripping over one syllable words? Do they comprehend labor law, taxes, insurance etc.

    Oh sorry, left one out - can they design & turn their own gavel for use at the E-Board & Delegate Meetings.

  3. How about a drug test

  4. Given Forde's drug use & hiding drugs in the walls of the DC, one would think that drug testing at the DC was std. operating procedure, for all positions, incusive of non-carpenters.

    If it is not, then the Delegates should make the proper motion, have the debate & civil discussion & vote to pass such a policy.

  5. I hope to see you Brothers at my November meeting. I will ask about your vision of the District Council in the future and how you intend to achieve your goals. The brother with a vague answer will not get my vote.Straight up answers even if they are not what I want to hear are expected. Good luck , May the best man win.


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