Friday, September 1, 2006

Market Recovery Initiative

From The Carpenter - Fall 2006

Together, we were responsible for winning command of the commercial construction market in New York City. Union carpenters created stability and security for our members who, today, enjoy industry-leading wages, excellent benefits and safe working conditions. Our union has stabilized this impressive business while securing
union members’ futures. Unfortunately, though, we have not had as much success in the residential market, a market that, historically union, now consists of primarily non-union construction. This change began with our competitors underbidding and winning work on 2-story residential structures and now includes 12-story, 200 + apartment complexes.

The residential market has grown exponentially in the outer boroughs but our percentage of market share has not grown with it; our current share of this lucrative business is minimal. This has to change. Carpenters working in our jurisdiction for $7/hour have taken our work and, to make matters worse, this has negatively influenced our commercial agreements. This can not continue. We need to regain our market. WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK. To address this decline in market share, we have established a Market Recovery Initiative. We own the commercial construction market. Let’s get to work and win (back) the residential market, too.