Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On Thursday June 23, 2016 Vote Members' Voice

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Local 157 Members' Voice Party is the necessary response to the lack of representation working
carpenters were receiving in their local and regional union government.

We are a group of rank and file carpenters, we work on the tools day in and day out. With that we have an understanding of what issues face union members and their families that no paid employee of the district council can ever understand.

This election is different from all the others. Your voice is needed now more than ever. With the briskly changing times in construction in New York City, we need to work together to preserve principles that protect our families and union. Sadly, when one looks at the voting records of some delegates, it appears they are completely out of touch with the average carpenter working in the field today. The members of Local 157 and their families deserve leadership that understands their needs and situations.

We work hard to represent the carpenters of Local 157 and welcome member input and support. We also encourage members of all the Locals' in The New York City District Council of Carpenters to stand up and demand the representation they deserve!

To learn more check out our website www.membersvoice157.com