Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bilello Faces Four Counts of Charges

On August 28, 2012, a four-count charge was filed against NYC District Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer Mike Bilello and former President Bill Lebo.

Lebo who was elected last December (with Bilello) and hired (at a annual salary of $185,000) as an "assistant" was forced to resign in September after receiving a "Notice of PossibleAction" from the Review Officer. Lebo's forced resignation has rendered the case against him moot.

The four-count case against Bilello includes Constitutional and Bylaw violations of, harassment, falsifying meeting minutes, acting unilaterally without delegate body approval (which is required by the Bylaws) and failing to inform the membership about the MWA arbitration, which is a "grave and imminent crisis."

On August 8, pursuit to section 5(f) of the Bylaws, I requested a joint investigation be conducted by Inspector General Scott Danielson (IG) and Chief Compliance Officer Josh Leicht (CCO) concerning the "appalling failure of decorum and procedure," during a delegate body meeting on July 25, where Bilello and Lebo became unhinged (hear audio) , made intimidating and harassing comments, incited members of the delegate body, and moved to file charges against me, allegedly for revealing the "business of the brotherhood "on this blog (see article: "Insanity").

Chairman Walter Mack had delayed calendaring these cases before the Trial Committee awaiting the investigation and "long overdue" report.

On November 7, the IG and CCO issued their much anticipated joint report. Their report is a disgraceful whitewash in its inaccuracies and transparent motives, and it appears to reasonable people who have read the report that the Bilello administration has succeeded in intimidating the IG and CCO into doing its bidding.

With the termination (at the request of the District Council) of Mack and Jim Zazzali as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Trial Committee last month, the case against Bilello is now adjourned without date, and its future progress will depend on the IG's office.

Below are the charges filed.

Bilello Lebo Counter Charges

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