Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bilello & Lebo Embroiled in Alleged Cover-Up!

Alleged co-conspirators, EST Mike Bilello and President Bill Lebo.
Executive Secretary-Treasurer Michael Bilello, and President Bill Lebo, have allegedly become embroiled in a cover-up, by intentionally omitting "personal and intimidating" comments (which are in violation of the Laws of the UBC) made during the delegate body meeting of July 25, 2012.

At last Wednesday delegate body meeting, I requested to have the meeting minutes "corrected" to reflect the "personal and intimidating" comments, made by the EST, which were left out of the meeting minutes.

Last month, during questioning, on the MWA crisis, Bilello and Lebo, became unhinged, made personal and intimating comments, allowed members of the delegate body to disrupt the meeting, and moved to file charges against me, allegedly for revealing "strategy," by posting the names of newly hired "outside attorneys" on this blog (see article: "Insanity").

Bilello said, if you want to amend the minutes, and have the comments entered, "I do not have a problem with that."

President Lebo, then called for a motion to have the minutes amended, and the motion failed (partisan delegates voted not to include the "personal and intimidating" comments).

Lebo's call for a motion was out of order, Bilello (who is also the recording secretary) has a duty to keep a "detailed" record of the meeting.

Council Bylaws Section 10(A) states: "The Executive Secretary-Treasurer shall cause to be kept a detailed record of each Council Delegate Body meeting."

Also Roberts Rules Article X.60. states: "When the minutes are to be published, (disseminated to delegates) in addition to the strict record of what is done, as heretofore described, they should contain a list of the speakers on each side of every question, with an abstract of all addresses, if not the addresses in full, when written copies are furnished."

Non-partisan Delegates interviewed on the condition of anonymity, said, "they are all (allegedly) conspiring in a cover-up, they don't want their comments and behavior made public, it makes them look bad, they want to keep it secret."

Local157blogspot, has obtained an exclusive transcript of the July 25, 2012 delegate body meeting, that the alleged conspirators want kept secret.

Delegate Body July 25, 2012

Brother Musumeci: “Why is there is a news blackout regarding the MWA.”

EST Bilello: “I have spoken about this before, it has been discussed but due to legal issues we have been discrete.”

"We don't want to give the MWA a heads up on what we are doing, because we know, every time we say something around here, in ten minutes it's on your website."

"And we are not here to give them all this information John!"

"It's guys like you that are ruining it, because we have to keep things secret, because you are going to take it to a whole other level!"

(Delegates: Cheers, heckles)

"When are you going to get that, when are you going to understand what you are doing!"

"Have a little self-control and a little loyalty to this organization."

"If you want to be a journalist, go work for the New York Times, this is the New York City District Council of Carpenters!"

"Don't you get that!"

(Delegates: Cheers, heckles)

Brother Musumeci: "No I don't."

EST Bilello: "Yeah, I know you don't! That's the problem, you don't get it!"

(Delegates: Cheers, heckles, intimidation)

Brother Musumeci: "I am going to explain why."

EST Bilello: "Explain why."

(Delegates: Boos, heckles, threats, intimidation)

Brother Musumeci: "Does this delegate body want to hear why?"

(Delegates: No! Boos, heckles, threats, intimidation)

President Lebo: "Let me tell you something, he's exactly right, there are certain things we didn't put out about those attorneys because there was a strategy behind it."

"The next day, we wanted to walk into that room, and surprise the living shit out of Trivella and Forte!"

"Okay, but, but, as soon as that went to you John, you put it out on 157 blogspot!"

"I want to read something to you John, this is an oath you took when you join this obligation."

(Lebo screams the oath)

"I do, of my own free will and accord, solemnly and sincerely promise, on my sacred honor, that I will never reveal, by word or deed, any business of this United brotherhood, unless legally authorized to do so!"

(Delegates: Cheers, heckles)

"You are not legally authorized to do so! Only this delegate body can give you that authorization!"

(Delegates: Cheers, heckles)

"Did anybody vote for this?"

(Delegates: "No! Heckles, threats, intimidation)

President Lebo: "There you go John, you are in violation of the obligation!"

(Delegates: Cheers, heckles)

Brother Musumeci: "Maybe you should bring me up on charges, that's all I have to say about that."

EST Bilello: "Next question, John?"

(Delegates: Heckles, threats, intimidation)

Brother Musumeci: "No, they want me to sit down, so I'll sit down."

Brother Tagliaferro: "Point-of-order, Mr. Chairman. Then why wasn't he charged? We have an IG and an RO, why is he not charged? He's in violation of the constitution and he should be charged!"

President Lebo: “Does the Delegate Body want those charges brought?”

(Delegates: "Yes! Cheers, Heckles, threats, intimidation")

President Lebo: “So be it, I'll write them up tomorrow!”

Brother Nina: "At some point in this union, we have to give our leadership some trust, they are trying the best they can, they are working day and night, and at some points at some point we have to understand they are working on the better half."

"It's just unbelievable, it's unbelievable, how many people do not believe they are working for us, and they are working so diligently and hard for us, we have to give them the support they need."

(Delegates: "Cheers, applause")

EST Bilello: "You know we had John Delollis, in here tonight, and you know, there is a strategy behind that and I really want to stand here tonight and explain that to you all in great detail."

"But you know, I look at the last guy that was up here, and I know that everything that I explain about why we did this is going to be online tonight, and what's going to happen then, you know, the strategy, the guy across the table is going to know the strategy."

"Now do I want to go forward like that? Do you want me to go forward like that?"

"We got to win this thing, we got to get these contracts done, we did this for a reason."

"Go home and think long and hard about why we brought them here,  I don't want to talk about it."

"I mean, I would like to talk about it, but I know I can't talk about it here."

"You know, you can stand here and say... you're not showing any leadership, you can say what you want, I can take that."

"Trust me, there is a plan here, I'm not saying it's ironclad, it's going to work, but it's a plan, it's a strategy, and I think it went well, I think it went real well, and that's all I'm going to say about it."

"I mean, if you want to press me on it, that's all I have to say about it."

Below are the charges President Lebo has filed.





  3. Hey Billelo & lebo, Cavanaugh you too "cover up scandal" in seven months & one day. Nice going. There are thiose that say you two weren't smart enough to run that council. a) You've been caught b)This is a blunderous record.

  4. I voted for these 2 turds and regret it.

  5. Someone please buy this numskull a dictionary!

    There is no "t" in "dissension". Reveling in your own ignorance is not a good quality. This is reminscent of all the idiots who insist on putting a "t" on "across"; as in, the chicken went "acrost" the road.

    Well, for those paying attention Chicken Little Lebo may have crost the path of no return here (full pun intended). What color ink is in the Veto Pen?

    The sit down, shut the fuck up hard-ass bullshit has got to go. Why have elections supervised by the R.O. & United States Attorneys Office and monitored by the Federal Court when all that has surfaced to date is that this group of future felons is every bit as bad as the last?

    At least the other clowns knew how to negotiate a decent contract. These boobs are going to give away the farm. Perhaps that was the plan all along, which then brings up the issue of collusion with alleged practicing attorneys & election fraud.

  6. They can't give away the farm if it implodes in upon itself by the acts of these two.

  7. good im glad they brought you up on charges

  8. Another waste of the councils time & money by the cuircus in charge. Viva Kevin Price.


    The UBC & all its DC's, after a new employee of a Signatory Contractor does his 7-day or 30-days of Employment sends a letter to the Victims house 3-6 months later and demands you appear for a Union Meeting (which by law & NLRB Board prcedent you do not have to attend and/or participate in per the Section 7 Right to "refrain from any & all activities") and stand and recite both the Pledge of Allegience & the bullshit "Obligation".

    All of it is facially unlawful, yet the RO & the braindead USAO do nothing about it. Sieg Hail Doug McCarron. This is not the Hitler Youth Party & the UBCJA & DC's can take their phony Obligation & shove it up their collectives asses!

    All rise....blah, blah P.O.A. & the coerced recitation of the obligation.

    None of this is strictly Voluntary, it's mandated by Dictator Doug. Should you refuse, enter the UBC phony Kangaroo Court System where they then try to take away all of your rights, including the right to earning a paycheck & benefits and the UBC & DC's immediately start fucking with the individual and his or her employment rights & Walsh, Torrance & Berman look the other way (hey, they got theirs,so fuck you clowns right?)

  10. “So be it...." Lebo (Pharo)your excited moment will come back to haunt you!

  11. You got so caught up in the moment, were you forgetting there was a member gallery present?

  12. If you had chosen Clarence Darrow wouldn't it be best to involve the delegtes through regular due process. And would it not be best to let your opponent know this? Thats right Murphy blew it the first go around by not stating what the RO did in his 4th interim report page 12 & footnote 8.There was ample time for this amnd no 150K needed to be spent in the first place. Wouldn't it be in the NYCDCC's best interest to know that Spencer instructed Shiel, amid all the indictment issues & collateral circumstances leading up to Shiel's "highly questionable" retirement. Wouldn't it have been best for the membership for Murphy to explain to the arbitor the complete circumstance as to why Thomassens name was crossed out in what aparently was a rush snow job w/out even a date being put down. The UBC didn't even have the wherewithal to produce a new document, what bafoons. Wouldn't it have been best for a guilty indictment against McCarron & his boys, for the sake of all 1/2 million UBC members to do something then instead of a rush "emergency electronic" delegate vote. Yes to all the above No to the current admin. The UBC, Billeo & lebo must be held accountable. All OT worked & bene's deducted must be paid. No settlement! Not one thin dime out that door. & When the RO seeks to vacate the award via Judge Berman, as in 13.999 mil the fact remains not one cent is to be paid out w/out a full accounting of the series of events between Aug 5 thru Aug 11 2009.Billelo & Lebo must be held accountable for not fulfilling all the above. Sleep tight boy's.

  13. cancer asap to everyone at the nycdcc

  14. Believe this, they ain't smiling now!

  15. This is intimidation at its best this has been done for years and is wrong if Lebo has filed charges as it has seemed then he should be held accountable for his actions of these charges are proven false the days of bringing false charges against members should be a part of the past.

    And if that member or members are proven not guilty there should be a judgement brought the other member filing charges against his peer and he should not be allowed to walk away after trying to ruin that person in question.

    I believe that John m ( no matter how you feel about him personally) has the right to print and voice his opinion and feelings free of intimidation. I tell John to go after the Lebo and biello on the grounds of denying his freedom of speech.

    I also voted for bill and mike but I do not like what they have become, they are turning into what almost destroyed this local. I sat in many a union meeting and saw this same thing that is happening to John m happen and it was the start of a downward turn.

    THIS has almost brought our union to its knees, instead of attacking the members and taking away their rights and welfare, bill and mike better start protecting these things for the members we were forced to hire many corprate people by the government and they want to run this as a company.


    We the union are the ones that have over many years fought for the workers so that they have a decent wage safe work place and we have found employment for our members.

    I ask how can you ask these members to pay assessments and dues when they don't have the basics like dental and eyeglass and for that much a good CONTRACT that secures them for the future against greed from the companies. Most of the jobs now have been bid under the old rate what are the contractors going to do give the difference back to the companies if our rate is reduced.

    NO, they are going to stuff this in their pockets a predict and have seen many members starting to leave this union for other jobs with the basic coverage we should be providing here in the carpenters union we in the feild are seeing the new hires and the corprate minded people reaping the benefits of our money and we the membership are out of work and forced to look for our own work we are forced to see the woodworkers singled out for attack and forced to work for lower wages due to a deal a corrupted union officials back door deal we have heard the leader of this union say he won't back one of our tools against company greed which is the right to strike we have lost our benefits due to the dealings and misgivings of a corrupted greedy corprate person mr Epstein. I say we tried it their way now it's time to clean house say what you want about the past rulers but I think we have lost more now then ever under this maccaronism rule and this trying of the corprate mentality we need to take to the streets if Donny arana sets up a rally again no matter what you think about this person we need to get together brothers and sisters and show these people in numbers that we have had enough and that we are going to take our union back because they have taken our trust and trampled on it as corprate has done for years we have a new cancer in our midst and it's corprate greed and if we do not fight it it will destroy us from within god bless the union workers and their families and I hope they start to get involved soon for the benefit of the union themselves and their families and all future people that want to join our ranks

  16. this is still the u.s.a. & you have the god giving right to say what ever you want when you want ! let them charge john & the go file on them at pearl street !

  17. fuck your mother nycdcc

  18. At a minimum, Bilello and Lebo are in-violation of...

    UBC Constitution Rule 13: "Each member, when speaking, shall confine his or her remarks to the question under debate and avoid all personal indecorous or sarcastic language."

    UBC Constitution Rule 19: "The presiding officer shall not speak on any subject unless he or she retires from the Chair, except on points of order and appeals from the decision of the Chair, and in case of a tie shall have the deciding vote."

    District Council Bylaws Section 5(F):"No Delegate of the Council Delegate Body shall be subject to any adverse employment action, harassment, intimidation, threats, or coercion by the District Council, the Council Delegate Body or any Officer there of for exercising, in good faith, the authority of, or fulfilling the duties of, a Council Delegate as provided for in these Bylaws."

  19. No Brainer......Consent Decree + MWA Arbitration ($59M Arbitration Award/$50M DC Assets) minus the I.Q. of the USAO cubed = All Writs Act & Hasta La Vista baby. The question remaining is will the FBI & USAO's Office finally conduct the perp walk for the UBCJA Officials who under a Trusteeship concocted this shady back room deal between SPENCER, SHEIL, THOMASSEN & MCCARRON; and, who will sing like a Canary when plea bargains are offered?

  20. In response to Bilello's comment: "If you want to be a journalist, go work for the New York Times, this is the New York City District Council of Carpenters!"

    Peter J. McGuire edited a newspaper called The Toiler, in his early days, and The Carpenter, once the UBC was established.

    Happy Labor Day!


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