Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free Speech Under Attack AGAIN!!!!

Heil Hypocrite Lebo!
"In New York it seems corruption in the form of members being intimidated into submission is at it's worst. Men and women are in fear of losing their jobs or of being brought up on bogus union charges."–– William S. Lebo, June 25, 1998

By Richard Dorrough

Yes again!!!. This is not the first time Bill Lebo, who it is clear by his actions, lied to get elected to office, has tried to silence John and dictate what is Free Speech.

He has attempted before to silence John or anybody else who exposes his and Bilello's ignorance and incompetence. He does not want anybody exposing his personal war on member’s rights, such as his attempt to stop member’s galleries and to stop member ratification of contracts, when the vote does not go his way.

He and Bilello's campaign to stop members from obtaining information and being informed makes the Forde regime look like boy scouts.

In January, I wrote "Free Speech Under Attack, " when again, Lebo was threatening John with charges for giving members what they are entitled to, Information!! 

Back then, Lebo was smart enough to not file charges, because like now, John will sue his ass and this harassment campaign can potentially cost the NYC District Council and members a great deal of money.

Something to be clear, JOHN DOES NOT WANT THIS FIGHT.

But for Lebo, it does not matter. His ego is at stake. After his disgusting display at the delegate meeting, where he was blown up like a puff fish and screaming like a wounded girl, he must file charges. If justice really exists in the NYC District Council, this should cost him his Secretary’s job.

(Oh wait, I forgot the Secretary’s job is a scam to get him paid $189,000 as President, which the bylaws do not allow).

At the very least, he should be censored and prevented from ever chairing another meeting. Lets see if all these new and expensive positions and committees work to protect the members as Review Officer, Walsh claimed to justify them being created.

After Lebo's display, in which, he abused his position as chair of the meeting, harassed and bullied a delegate, made an illegal and absurd motion, and incited delegates to attack a fellow delegate, Lebo will and has acted to save face regardless of the consequences. Further, Mr. Lebo made a ridiculous excuse to justify his attack on free speech. An excuse, which everyone who has heard it since, can not help but laugh at its shear ignorance.

“We wanted to surprise and intimidate the MWA with our new lawyers and you told them” 

Can anybody really be this stupid? I doubt it.

While Mr. Lebo made up a BS excuse for the attack on John, the real reason is not because of Lebos “Scary” lawyers, which I am sure the MWA is still laughing about, but because John has posted the MWA fiasco so all members can see what a disaster Mr. Bilello and Mr. Lebo had brought upon the entire council.

This is the real reason for the attack on John.

Its clear by the withholding of the arbitration ruling, and the MWA information, Bilello and Lebo did not want members to be aware of this major fiasco, which THEY moved on without consulting the delegate body.

When asked by John, why they withheld the information, Bilello claimed "he talked to a few shop stewards and those affected" and was not trying to hide anything.

You would think that the NYC District Council, possibly owing 59 million, and bankrupting the Council, would be something that AFFECTED every member!

Is this attack about "scary lawyers," or is it about delegates and members asking who in their right mind would take this to binding arbitration, and why were the delegates excluded?

Ask yourself this, If John had not posted the MWA topic on his blog, would the members ever be aware of this major MWA blunder by Bilello and Lebo, and did they not have a right to know??

Mr. Lebo knows the UBC obligation, (or any other code of conduct they are trying to con the delegates to sign) according to many Federal court cases is something you can wipe your ass with.

These cases were brought by Unions and people such as Mr. Lebo who want members silenced when they expose the leadership for the morons they are.

The courts have repeatedly told the Bill Lebos of the Union world to piss off.

Knowing this, Mr. Lebo is aware that his actions against John are pure harassment of a delegate.

Mr. Lebo, has the audacity and the stupidity to point to the BS obligation and tell a US Citizen that they can only talk about what the NYC District Council and Lebo tells them they can talk about.

Sound familiar. Sorry Billy, but Federal law and the LMRDA, which you had no problem quoting when you were acting as a front man for some elses ideals and intelligence back in 1998, will decide what can and cannot be discussed, not some UBC hack with a Napoleon syndrome.
You see, Mr. Lebo thinks he has no duty as Chair and President to conduct himself according to the Laws of the UBC and parliamentary procedures he is bound to by the UBC Constitution.

By his actions at meetings, he thinks he is above the law, and as king, can do what ever he wants.

Many of these actions he will NOT be doing for much longer.

The IG's office will put an end to Mr. Lebos abuse or a lawsuit by John will. Let us hope Mr. Lebo is prevented from chairing any further meetings. I would hope that once “King Lebo's” conduct is ended and the delegates rights under Roberts Rules, to freely express themselves, without intimidation and harassment or threat of Bogus charges, the delegates would reach out and thank John Musumeci.

Until this abusive behavior is ended and the delegate’s rights are restored, the future of NYC District Council, to be governed by the delegate body, as representatives and voices of the rank and file, as Walsh promised, will never be realized.
What was hailed as a new era with democracy, member’s rights and transparency has reverted to business as usual.

“Men and women are in fear of losing their jobs or of being brought up on bogus union charges, as I was."–– Bill Lebo, 1998

Yet, Lebo who was a victim of the same censorship and intimidation, now has picked up the UBC torch to do the same to another rank and file member who believes in his free speech. A rank and file member who serves the membership by reporting on what the UBC and NYC District Council wants to hide.

Mr. Lebo has no problem with “a kangaroo courts,” with "members being intimidated into submission,” and with “bogus charges, as long as it is he who is doing so.

I guess it is only dirty, if others do it.


  1. Well said Brother!


  3. John, you lose credibility with a letter from Dorrough


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