Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Speech Under Attack

"In New York it seems corruption in the form of members being intimidated into submission is at it's worst. Men and women are in fear of losing their jobs or of being brought up on bogus union charges."–– William S. Lebo, June 25, 1998

By Richard Dorrough

Much rumor has been flying around concerning potential charges against John Musumeci. John has not reported on this because he needs to maintain a working relationship with his attackers who for the record are Local 157 President Pat Nee and District Council President Bill Lebo.

It was reported on this blog, and I have confirmed with my own sources, that both parties threatened to bring John up on charges. Both were attempting to silence his free speech rights and intimidate him.

Now you have seen the true colors of this new regime that promised rank and file rights and then voted and did nothing to protect the rank and file from access to information in the member's gallery fiasco.

Why did President Lebo accepted the motion to bar members from attending delegate body meetings in the first place since it was out of order, as Walsh has confirmed by his veto, due to its bylaw violation and illegal attempt to amend those bylaws.

Why did neither Lebo, nor EST Bilello, argue for or defend the rights of the rank-and-file to attend delegate meetings?

Ignorance is no excuse since these two knew the bylaws inside out when it came time to give Lebo a $185,000 paid secretaries job with elected officers duties attached to it.

"At the Jan. 25 meeting, Bilello reported his administration took flak from contractor associations about the CBA's tabling on Jan. 10, and the news being published in Crain's well before the District Council informed the contractors."

John is being threatened for providing members with information. He became an easy target for retaliation, to be made an example of. It is rumored that Lebo filed charges with the IG's office but withdraw them because he was advised of the likelihood of a counter-suit, and loss in court based on free speech rights.

An educated member is a dangerous thing.

It is not surprising that Nee threatened John. I have always held to my position that Nee was and is a self-serving jackass who will sell out Local 157 for any council job he can get offered. I was shocked that such a fool was even considered for office. Nee's actions since president have vindicated my assessment of him. It is of no surprise that when asked to do so he would threaten John with charges.

Lebo on the other hand has turned out to be a sad surprise. While I predicted that he and Biello would make no fight for member's rights and would merely try to survive in their positions, the $185,000 pay out, the attempts to hide their actions and silence free speech is past mere surviving but a sell out, here we have Lebo who stated:

"I am a 26 year rank and file member who has a long history of fighting for membership rights."

"Brothers and sisters now is the time for all members to decide on change and I went to Washington DC and testified before Congress on the Impediments to Union Democracy.”

While in Washington, Bill Lebo did indeed reveal the oppressive and tyrannical practices of the UBC.

Lebo said: “Douglas McCarron has been taking over District Councils throughout the United States as well a Canada and merging them and the Local unions within -- without a vote or membership consent, and forming what he and the UBC constitution call Regional Councils.”

"I believe the New York City District Councils take over had less to do with fighting corruption and more to do with Douglas McCarron’s methodical creation of his personal and publicized goal of restructuring of our union, which is no more than the building of his own private empire.”

"Men and women are in fear of losing their jobs or of being brought up on bogus union charges, as I was."

Yet Lebo who was a victim of the same censorship and intimidation now has picked up the UBC torch to do the same to another rank and file member who believes in his free speech. A rank and file member who serves the membership by reporting on what the UBC and NYC Council wants to hide.

Mr. Lebo has no problem with “a kangaroo courts” with "members being intimidated into submission” and with “bogus charges as long as it is he who is doing so. I guess it is only dirty if others do it.

We can only hope that John does not let this blatant attempt at intimidation stop him. Lebo and the Council have backed off because they know John will sue the shit out of them and they know they will lose.

One great advantage that has emerged from this NYC struggle is that members are finally aware that if they take the UBC outside of their Kangaroo court, the UBC loses every time. They are now running to their lawyers.

John will not hesitate to use the courts to fight against the tyrannical efforts of the UBC. One never would have thought to see Bill Lebo's name on such a case as a defendant of tyranny.

What happened to the man who declared:

"The United States Constitution guarantees every American citizen the rights of freedom of speech and assembly." The Landrum-Griffin Act and the Bill of Rights for members of Labor Organizations within also guarantees us these supposed to protect us from this intimidation that is no less than labor racketeering, yet it goes on and goes unchecked."

How could the UBC turn such a man in so short a period of time? While little tykes Nee is a given for moronic actions, egotistical decisions and arrogant delusions much more was expected of Lebo.



  2. Game, Set, Match............NEXT

    For the dummies who still don't get it - if they can do it to John, they can do it to you, so get a clue and move on.

  3. Richard: Thank you for your support, since the posting of your article I have received several emails and text messages all supporting free speech and encouraging me to continue this blog.

  4. To My Brothers and Sisters and el at,
    Democracy is knowing the procedures and rules of engagement.Our Constitution is a great source to begin with esp:Parliamentary Rules on page starting with #87.Get to know the "Thirteen Ranking Motions" and "Bring Back Motions" and the characteristic of each; may interrupt when another is speaking, does it require a second,is it debatable,is it amendable,vote required,may it be reconsidered.Know what motion out ranks the other.I got started too late,Medical problems pain 24/7 on my back from working at the trade all 40 years.Otherwise, I would be a force too reckin' with.I can only help those who want it.Our leaders need to be taught.We have no King.
    I been a member of the "American Institute of Parliamentarians" and the "National Assocation of Parliamentarians"for over 15 years.Go on their Web site
    Give John and others credit for trying to make a difference in the knowledge of Parliamentary procedures using "Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised" 11th Edition,our Parliamentary authority.
    God bless us all.
    Fraternity Yours,
    Jim Brady Now Local 277


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