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Before you even think about joining another union to represent you READ THIS!

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  1. i think obnoxious comments should be welcome after all richard "SCABBY " dorrough posts on this site all the time. methink he is obnoxious and a SCAB.

  2. I know conspiracy theories are way better than addressing issues, but this propaganda really goes far. I don't think it is a secret that the Dockbuilders are upset, but to try to say that somehow the painters union and an attorney are masterminds behind it insults the integrity of the Dockbuilders. Every one knows the truth already. The membership deserves better then to be misled by a spin machine that refuses to address the issues. We have dealt with you dictating to us policy, and drowning out our voice long enough.

  3. I will say this for the Amalgamated movement. The UBC knows they screwed up big time with the Dockbuilders now. They did nothing but make the Dockbuilders stronger by dissolving their local. Is it too late for the UBC to fix it? We shall see. Give them back their Local and show them that you are sorry! Let them elect new leaders. A few bad apples so you throw the whole bunch in the trash? NOT!

    1. On July 22 2011 the DOCKBUILDERS Local Union 1456 and it's members were thrown overboard by the NYCDCC.

    2. McCarron is giving back nothing but our pay to the contractors. Best to just put a stake thru the zombie heart of amalgamated and get on with long slog to hold the line in talks with the associations and ultimately remove DJM from office. Having a race to the bottom with scabs is not helping any union members in the NYC building construction trades. The dockbuilders corrupt? Take a look, for instance, at their disproportionate influence inside the the Forde administration:

      "The District Council is still awash in corruption, has significant problems, and I am conducting multiple investigations of corrupt activity ... which will likely lead to internal union charges and possible criminal referrals."

      'On August 6, in an article entitled "The Sounds of Silence" we reported that there was no mention of disgraced former District Council "Unity Team" president, Pete Thomassen, in the summer 2010 issue of The Carpenter Magazine.'

      "Other than a personal note from Local 1456 President Charles Harkin, congratulating Thomassen, on his retirement, there is not a single word written or any acknowledgment by the District Council or supervisor, Frank Spencer, that Thomassen was ever elected president or appointed assistant supervisor of the District Council."

      "...when monitor number three, a former federal prosecutor named Walter Mack, reported that Murray and other contractors were cheating the union out of millions in wages and benefit payments right under the nose of Forde's shop stewards, the council leader grew incensed. He dispatched his second-in-command, a former dockbuilder named Pete Thomassen, to tell the judge that Mack was too difficult and costly and that the council wanted to exercise its right to remove him. Haight agreed, and Mack was replaced."

      "WORD is...Dennis Sheil had an unlucky Friday the 13th. Seems the federal government would like to ask the former "Unity Team" partner a few questions. Sheils however is not in the talking mood, he advised his lawyers that he would have to plead the fifth if questioned. Sources say district council lawyer Gary Rothman advised Sheil to use his sick time and retire. Dennis was spotted last Friday cleaning out his desk."

      "Sheil's maternal grandfather, William Johnson was Secretary Treasurer and Business Agent for Local Union 1456"

      The record, Harkinses et al, indicates 1456 was a racket begging to be broken up; they still thought they were above the consent decree up until their final last gasp. The restructuring should have only been done with ok from the membership. But hey, unilateral action is what we expect from opportunist McCarron and careerist Dennis Walsh, especially when up against sloppy criminals. Suffice to say things won't be much different with Angelo-gamated.

    3. "Having a race to the bottom with scabs is not helping any union members in the NYC building construction trades" But being on the bottom with UBC whores hated by the their own members is? Have you stopped looking around to at the scams the UBC and the NYCDC is STILL running so you could put this together. So if your not a member of the corrupt UBC your a scab??

      This publication of trash,lies and Propaganda BS is a fine example of the UBC leadership exposing themselves for exactly what they are low life lying dirt bags who fabricate BS and feed to their own membership to achieve their goals. The new Slate is in place and has been sworn in and promises of change were made.Yet we see nothing has change.The same underhanded lies and bullshit continues.

      Here is a unique idea. Tell the truth and let the cards fall where they may. You created this situation. You got the dockbuilders to leave and possibly go with Amalgamated. You stole their local and robbed their funds.Now you are trying to get them to stay by being the same lying pack of scum bags they are trying to escape from. 1456 was NOT dissolved because of any allegations of corruption.Remember what the leaders did was wrong and typical it seems of NYC UBC officers but not illegal or Walsh would have hung them by now. It was dissolved because that was part of the McCarron plan for NYC.So now the members who you are punishing for the actions of their leaders are saying f.. you. So now the Dockbuilders who have joined many other members around the country who hate McCarron and have had enough of the UBC bullshit say bye bye and you think you can FORCE them to stay. Garbage like this, that the membership is laughing at and insulted that the UBC assclowns would think they are this stupid, is only driving more members to Amalgamated and other groups like them.
      I enjoyed the Gunderson part. The UBC jack offs should post for the members what Gunderson is testifying about ....Print the rest of the case

      Suffice to say things won't be much different with Angelo-gamated. Care to make a small wager

    4. UBC and the DC can give back numbers all they want! It means fucking nothing. There still a bunch of arrogent self serving assholes out to keep their jobs and stroke Mccarron

  4. WOW! These guys must think you're all morons! They keep spouting the same bullshit LIES and accusing Amalgamated DOCKBUILDERS of the same shit! CAN YOU FUCKING READ!!! All their fucking questions have been asked and answered you douche-bags!

    1. Read about it online & in the NY TIMES.
      For instance:

      [Angelo R. Bisceglie Jr., lawyer of Amalgamated Carpenters, for three years represented indicted Columbo capo Thomas J. Petrizzo, controller of N.Y.C. District Council of Carpenters President Frederick Devine (1991 to 1996.)]

      You haven't answered the serious questions honestly.
      Just because you say it is so doesn't make it true.
      Try using documented sources to back up your hyperbole.
      Name calling is infantile.


      Uploaded by docky1456 on Aug 19, 2011

      Hundreds of union carpenters, dockbuilders, timbermen and other tradesmen gather for a rally against the UBC, United Brotherhood Of Carpenters, outside of the New York District CouncilOf Carpenters. Proposed wage reductions and changes to bylaws have caused the membership to be outraged. After hours of demonstrating the building is rushed


  5. We have never divided ourselves when confronted by thse who would seek to drive us back words.
    What nonsense.There is no boogey man here. There is no outside enemy.This is your own membership who hate you so much they are leaving. This is happening all over the country and throughout the UBC. The blame for this lies squarely on the UBC. The UBC created this situation. The UBC abused and robbed its own membership and continues to do so.. The UBC are arrogant loud mouth punks who think they are god and can abuse anybody they want with no retaliation or consequences. No out side boogeyman is threatening your organization so how dare you try to blame others for the work of your own UBC rat bastards. Your members hate your guts and are leaving for good reasons and those reasons were and are still being created by the UBC. Lets not try to shift the blame for your loss of market share and extreme drop in membership on anybody but those responsible.The UBC.."Those who would drive us backwards" my ass

    "We the mighty District Council have done so much for the dockbuilders." Judging by fund contributions it seems the dockbuilders have carried you...

    The dockbuilders have no money and no people..Really. It seems me they have enough people to take the dockbuilders out of the hands of the corrupt UBC.I think you might be just a tad full of nonsense on money as well"

    "We provide outstanding benefits to our retirees" Really ?? Did you actually read this before you signed it?? How about listing all the retiree benefit cuts by the council in say the last three years. It must be none correct

  6. Richard Dorrough said...


    One of the first acts of your new administration is to circumvent your own new bylaws, with Walshs complicity ( "we have to ignore the breech of members trust and bylaw violations because Biello needs Bill Lebo to advise him". What a crock of shit), and created a bullshit "asst to the EST spot so Bill Lebo could get paid $185,000 per year.

    Second act is you either produced or turned your back while others under your command produced this blatant pile of lies to deceive your own rank and file members. Lets hope when charges are filed with the NLRB your names are on them. So it is business as usual and nothing have changed. More UBC dirty pool bullshit. Thank god the council is now in your hands.

    Third act is to threaten a member US Constitutional rights to free speech with being brought up on charges for exposing the UBC in a public forum. Right back to the same old lets keep secrets and if you dont let us hide and be the rats we are we will threaten to abuse our offices to bring you up on charges. Screw those pesky Federal laws that allow you to speak as you see fit and in the time or place you see fit. We don’t mind spending members money to defend the Council when you sue the shit out of us for violating your rights. We will tell you when you have rights. We cant have the whole world knowing the UBC is a bunch of rat bastards who were trying to shove a CBA down the members throats. Just like the rats you got the council from and the rats not long ago Mr.Lebo was criticizing.

    Now the best, you want to FORCE the dock builders to stay in the corrupt UBC which Dennis Walsh has declared still infested with corruption. Not we will work with them to address their grievances and try to win them over. Not we will tell McCarron to restore their local, restore their accounts and hold immediate elections for Officers and try to win them over and convince them we are the better choice for them.

    We are not doing any such thing, Screw their rights, We will FORCE you to stay. We will harass you, try to intimidate you, threaten you. Take your pictures pictures at meetings and post them on the Internet. We will produce flyers that are so blatantly deceitful and full of lies even Dirty Dougy McCarron would blush. We will get Dennis Walsh to threaten them will his oh so scary "All Writs" bullshit. Of course he said "IF" he found any corruption after he accused them of leaving to form a corrupt local. This is the reality of your new slate. The saviors of the council? Just More dirty nasty back stabbing just like your predecessors and just like the UBC International Bosses. So whoopee "the future of your Union is in our hands "Ill bet that makes members sleep better at night.



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