Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bilello Adminstration Rocked with Scandal as NYCDC President Forced to Resign

You're Fired! Lebo forced to resign.
The New York City District Council of Carpenters is once again rocked by scandal as President/Benefit Fund Trustee and Bilello administration political appointee and longtime adviser, William S. Lebo was forced to resign Friday amid allegations of inappropriate behavior an informed source said.

In a brief letter posted on the councils website late Friday morning, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Mike Bilello wrote:

"William S. Lebo officially tendered his resignation from his position as President of the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters on Friday, September 21, 2012. Due to personal reasons that include the tragic passing of his wife this year, Brother Lebo is unable to devote the full time and attention that is required to fully serve our membership and fulfill the responsibilities of President."

Bilello gave no thanks or praise for Lebo's work during the last nine months, no wishing him well, or mention of severance pay or the procedure to fill the vacated position.

Thursday we reported that Lebo was vetoed by Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh.

In a response to an email for comment, the RO confirmed that a "Notice of Possible Action" was served on Bill Lebo last week.

Mr. Walsh said, "the conduct in question did NOT involve any suspected violation of the Permanent Injunction Against Racketeering Activity in the Consent Decree, fraud or misappropriation" and that "Lebo's resignation is an appropriate outcome and has rendered the Notice of Possible Action moot."

Lebo who was elected last December along with running mate Mike Bilello, was hired by Bilello as an "assistant" in January for an annually salary of $185,000 plus perks like a new car, iPhone, and iPad.

Lebo was routinely criticized on this blog for being abusive, arrogant, having a hot temper and violating rules of order while presiding over delegate body meetings.

"Mr. Lebos actions and violations of Roberts Rules and meetings rules has turned the delegate meetings into a fiasco and created an atmosphere of intimidation and bulling of the delegates, " a member posted in August.

The District Council has been plagued by corruption for years. In 1990, the federal government brought a racketeering suit against the union, beginning a two-decade period in which the organization has been under monitoring by U.S. officials. In 1994, the government entered into a consent decree with the union, which among other things barred union officials from associating with organized crime figures, and in 2010, a federal judge appointed Mr. Walsh to oversee the operations of the union and its benefit funds.

In November 2010, the union's previous leader, Michael Forde, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for accepting bribes from contractors.

“Corruption at the District Council can be ended once and for all,” Mr. Bilello said in a statement in a union election newsletter. “It starts at the top. The union has to be led by people who love the union, not people who love money. The organization wasn't created for people to make it to the top to enrich themselves and leave everyone else behind.”

Bilello, who is paid $225,000, has also been criticized by the union membership as being a hypocrite, running an arguably secretive administration and giving lip service to his pledge of "returning democracy, members rights, transparency and integrity" to a union in distress, consider the following:
  • Bilello has not communicated a single word, and there has been a virtual news blackout on the MWA Arbitration situation, "a grave and imminent crisis."
  • Bilello has communicated very little and has flip-flopped and reversed his positions in the never-ending labor saga that has left carpenters without a contract for the last 15 months, arguing for "full mobility" and against membership contract ratification. 
  • Bilello has not reported on the firing of Joesph Epstein as Executive Director of the Benefit Funds
  • Bilello has supported the barring of the Delegate Body "membership gallery."
Delegates to the district council will meet this Wednesday at a schedule meeting and will hopefully learn more about the sudden resignation of Bilello's right hand man and longtime adviser, Bill Lebo.

Vice President Michael Cavanaugh, is expected to conduct the meeting.



  2. I guess its time for a new crook to step in and do the old flip flop. Walsh should make all these dc guys put their tools back on + get rid of the request systym. The nycdcc is broken + needs to be fully handed over to the feds so they can help the honest carpenter or just break it up completly. This CAN NOT be fixed.

  3. Try telling the truth. Walsh knew all about Lebo's bs, but did nothing. The owl wants work + justice but we just keep getting more lies.

  4. John your an infant

  5. So what happened with Lebo? I knew Bill Lebo as an honorable man b4 he got the job.But why was he thrown out? Mafia ties? WHAT?

  6. "William S. Lebo was forced to resign Friday amid allegations of inappropriate behavior "
    WHAT THE FUCK IS INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR? That shit pisses me off-just say what he supposedly did & let US decide what is appropriate & what isn't.Petty ass little bitches.

  7. New crooks ..same game .. looks as if our new elected officials are playing the same game that our other elected officials have played... where's the transparency,'s has become obvious that our elected officials do not care about us, the members... how long before the others fall.. Sorry to say but Mr. Bilello's letter to the members is pure manure ! Tell the truth !! Sooner or later the lies and untruths are found out...Look at Lance Armstrong !! We trusted you Mike, but now you are showing us that you can't be trusted....Take our money,kill our jobs,line your pockets but in the end you to will stand alone ( or with others like you ala Mike Forde !)
    God help our union

  8. Inappropriate behavior need to be clarified.
    Once a person gets a position they think they are above the law.
    The rank and file elected Bilello and Lebo now they complain.
    Whats wrong with that picture.

  9. Lebo was vetoed for using his personal cell phone for business transactions. end of story. you guys wanted a bad guy, they gave you one. see what happens when you suck government dick?


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