Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last NYCDC LM-2 filed by UBC Supervisior Spencer

Unions covered by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act are required to submit annual financial statements to the US Department of Labor. The LM-2 Form will tell you how many members the union has, the salaries of officers and staff, and other useful information.

Below is all LM-2 Reports filed for the District Council, click to view each year.

Date ReceivedFiling TypeFiscal Year
Total AssetsTotal LiabilitiesTotal ReceiptsTotal DisbursementsTotal Membership

Mar 19, 2012LM-22012 Report$72,729,977$7,108$34,660,705$13,567,40821,131

Nov 22, 2011LM-22011 Report$68,269,387$6,782$31,244,836$31,178,25021,798

Sep 29, 2010LM-22010 Report$62,443,926$1,432,096$32,276,584$59,300,21123,501

Oct 06, 2009LM-22009 Report$58,193,112$1,700,013$53,049,510$41,665,34124,816

Sep 24, 2008LM-22008 Report$47,586,471$2,178,591$58,028,935$39,049,17825,515

Sep 27, 2007LM-22007 Report$32,679,947$1,713,102$45,518,392$43,247,25724,857

Oct 05, 2006LM-22006 Report$23,028,874$1,664,918$44,130,236$44,094,87624,015

Sep 30, 2005LM-22005 Report$23,138,518$3,953,753$39,691,330$38,817,29922,107

Oct 04, 2004LM-22004 Report$22,887,757$1,435,067$37,928,272$38,408,61522,855

Sep 29, 2003LM-22003 Report$22,122,672$1,210,280$32,328,877$30,633,50323,127

Oct 10, 2002LM-22002 Report$22,985,856$1,070,616$32,961,853$32,991,43624,058

Oct 09, 2001LM-22001 Report$20,877,299$1,144,920$34,880,406$34,613,32424,027

Oct 03, 2000LM-22000 Report$14,746,914$810,534$17,671,440$17,739,23323,992



  2. what is crazy here - is the amount of money that was coming in and GOING OUT under the Forde regime. Tell me, there was no cronyism and waste of funds. I truly wonder how much money Forde funneled to his parasites.

  3. Find tax returns for all union locals and related funds (e.g.pension, annuity, Vactation, etc.) at Foundationcenter.org , go to "990finder". Search by name, zip code, Emloyer ID #, or keyword in the name window. These returns of an exempt organization are public records very informative, information that may not be available at the hall. ps I found a return for the eastern region and was sort of puzzled, that return seems to take money in but i didn't see any expentitures??


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