Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crisis worsens for unions in NYC

by Greg David

The economic downturn represents a watershed for unions in New York City, argues a new report, accelerating their long-term decline in the private sector. That’s true, but more interesting is the way the process is playing out in key industries and how that affects the increasingly angry debate over inequality in New York.

Let’s not get carried away—as the annual update on the state of unions in the city from Joseph Murphy Institute at the City University of New York does in part.

New York remains the most unionized state in the nation with 24% of all workers belonging to a union and New York City remains 22% unionized. The ranking is primarily because of the way unions dominate the public sector—73% of government workers are unionized in both the state and the city compared with 37% nationally.

Worried by the successful efforts to weaken government unions in Wisconsin, the authors of the CUNY study warn of similar threats in New York—though no politician in New York has proposed anything like Gov. Scott Walker has carried out in the land of cheese and no one is likely to either.

The CUNY reports authors are not exaggerating about the crisis for private sector unions. See the chart below

One factor in the decline (to 13% now from 20% in 2005 ) has been the disappearance of the remaining large unionized factories, often after counterproductive strikes like the one that led to the demise of the Stella D’Oro plant in the Bronx. The number of unionized factory workers has fallen by 54% in the past decade although the actual number is actually modest.

More important is what is happening in construction and leisure and hospitality.

The ranks of unionized building trades people have been thinned by almost a quarter in the last decade reflecting both the decline in work and the inroads of non-union contractors exploiting the substantial gap in wage and benefit costs. Consider that a new contract, billed as including major concessions, will push the wage and benefit package for carpenters to $99 an hour (yes—an hour).

Also important is the 26% drop in leisure and hospitality. This reflects the expansion of mostly limited-service hotels that have bitterly resisted unionization to keep their costs low. After all, a new contract won by the still powerful hotel workers union eventually will increase the wages of housekeepers to $60,000 a year.

Crain’s New York Business readers may not think it makes economic sense for carpenters and housekeepers to make that much. They may be right. But the decline of unions has clearly played some role in the inequality gap. The gap between average hourly wages for union ($28.13) and non-union ($22.39) workers is larger in New York City than in the country or the state or the suburbs.

What happens next?

The keys are construction and hotels. Will the building unions continue to lose ground, even if activity picks up? Will the rise of non-union hotels become so significant that the hotel union no longer is able to demand such high wages? And if both happen, will inequality in New York increase?

When those questions are answered, we will know a lot about the future of New York City.



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