Friday, September 7, 2012

Newly Required Forms for All Shop Stewards Due by December 3,2012


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Section 39 of the Bylaws adopted August 5, 2011 by the District Council for New York City and Vicinity of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America set forth requirements that members must meet in order to serve as Shop Stewards.  This section provides that:

 (D) All Shop Stewards must have on file at the Office of the Inspector General, a copy of the “Shop Steward Code of Ethics.” Any Shop Steward not having this Code of Ethics on file will not be dispatched as Shop Steward and their Shop Steward credentials will be suspended until the Code of Ethics is on file.

(E) All Shop Stewards must have on file at the Office of the Inspector General, a copy of the “Notice of Acknowledgement Regarding Background Investigation” authorizing a background check.  Any Shop Steward not having such notice will not be dispatched as Shop Steward and their Shop Steward and their Shop Steward credentials will be suspended until the Notice of Acknowledgement is on file.

In order to ensure these requirements are met and to provide you with some additional information, the required forms are available for download on this website or can be obtained at the District Council or your Local Union office.  The Office of the Inspector General must receive the requested materials no later than December 3, 2012.  After this date, any Shop Steward that has not submitted the requested material will not be dispatched as a Shop Steward until the material has been received.

Download forms here:

Instruction and Important Notice for all Shop Stewards

Shop Steward Contact Information Form

Notice and Acknowledgement Regarding Background Check for Shop Steward



  2. Where is this "Shop Steward Code of Ethics" that we're supposed to file with the Inspector General? It's not on the district council website.

  3. Some the new "requirement" for Shop Stewards are violations of Federal Law.

    "The Stipulation and Order, Paragraph 5.b.iii.e. Further, pursuant to Paragraph 5.b.iii.c, all aspects of the bylaws must comport with federal law."

    The US Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards New York City Office must be notified and a formal request made for an investigation. As should the Social Security Administration, requiring consent needs for 730 days is out of line, the Shop Stewards are NOT employees of the NYCDCC. Some of the requested information may also be a Civil Rights Violation.

    Time for the Steward to Lawyer up.

    1. The NYS dept of labor considers Shop Stewards as Union Representatives.Many companies ask for a credit check (how many of us lost their credit rating during the recession) A or B felonies might lead to an inquiry.Felony bribery or official misconduct will get you dismissed I think they go back about 13 years.

  4. being able to ask for a credit report? what te hell is this? the certifications,ok we swallowed them.then the 504 to state we are not criminals, they(whoever they are)wants to crawl into our fucking underwear!!!! what the hell do you need to know about credit ratings? what does that say about a stewards skills?those fucking cokeheads on wall street,do they go thru this crap???? you bet they are really tryng to destroy the unions. i for one am tired of the hoops we working class people have to jump thru just to keep our heads above water. it is clearing time for all working class to take t he streets to let the establishment know we are not going to go quietly,without a fight.



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