Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lebo Vetoed!

You're Fired! President Lebo.
Breaking News...Informed sources say NYC District Council President/Benefit Fund Trustee, William S. Lebo, has been vetoed by Review Officer Dennis Walsh.

Lebo was elected last December along with new EST Mike Bilello. Bilello hired Lebo as his "assistant" in January, at a annual salary of $185,000.

Walsh has been continuing to conduct investigations into troubling allegations that the District Council remains influenced by organized crime, the informed source said.

The District Council has been plagued by corruption for years. In 1990, the federal government brought a racketeering suit against the union, beginning a two-decade period in which the organization has been under monitoring by U.S. officials. In 1994, the government entered into a consent decree with the union, which among other things barred union officials from associating with organized crime figures, and in 2010, a federal judge appointed Mr. Walsh to oversee the operations of the union and its benefit funds.

In November 2010, the union's previous leader, Michael Forde, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for accepting bribes from contractors.

Mr. Bilello has promised to root out corruption at a union, “Corruption at the District Council can be ended once and for all,” Mr. Bilello said in a statement in a union election newsletter. “It starts at the top. The union has to be led by people who love the union, not people who love money. The organization wasn't created for people to make it to the top to enrich themselves and leave everyone else behind.”

Mr. Walsh did not respond to an email seeking comment...story still developing.



  2. was he playing fireman on Company Time?

  3. Bye, Bye and good riddance

  4. Justice has been served. Ha!

  5. Bill would never be invovled in organized crime and anyone who says or thinks otherwise is a fool. He is not evil or bad, maybe he screwed up, but NOT ORGANIZED CRIME.

  6. So what the fuck happened? Who has the story?

  7. Is he in the same boat as Epstein's firing NO COMMENT? It's time we find out what is really going on!!!!


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