Sunday, July 22, 2012

Transparent Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy, thy name is Mike Bilello and Bill Lebo.

Before the December 2011 District Council elections, candidates Bilello and Lebo, said they believe in "members rights, real communication and full transparency," they wrote: 

"Members have the right to full transparency of the Council’s actions. This requires real communication between the officers of the council and the membership."

"Members have the right to full information before crucial decisions are made so that they can voice their concerns and wishes to their delegates before the final decisions are made."

" Members have the right to know how their delegates vote for them."

" By giving the members real voices, real information, and genuine transparency, so that they know their voices have been heard, the members will be able to hold their delegates and the Council’s officers accountable. "

Amazingly, both EST Bilello and President Lebo once elected and sworn into office have communicated hardly any information to the membership and have become one of the most secretive administrations we've seen.

This is especially ironic considering their vow to lead an "open and transparent administration."

Has that actually happened? Hardly.

Across the board, since day one, this administration is arguably secretive, consider the following:

  • Bilello has not communicated a single word putting forward a clear vision for this union. 
  • Other than posting the results of the contract ratification vote, Bilello has not communicated a single word about our contracts.
  • Bilello and Lebo supported the barring of the Delegate Body "membership gallery." 
  • There has been a virtual news blackout on the MWA Arbitration situation, "a grave and imminent crisis."
  • Weekly, our shop stewards continue to be kept in the dark, receiving hardly any communication.
  • Despite the membership having to pay an assessment to fund a communications fund, the hiring of a new communications director, the promise of a new District Council website and Carpenter magazine, the membership has received nothing in return for their hard earned dollars.
To be sure, we have no "real communication or transparency" from this administration, and this adminstration remains secretive.



  2. "Members have the right to full information before crucial decisions are made so that they can voice their concerns and wishes to their delegates before the final decisions are made."

    ****Members have the right to what" - "to full information before crucial decisions are made"

    ****So that they can do what? - "Voice their concerns and wishes"

    ****To who? - "to their Delegates";

    ****Before what? - "before the final decisions are made"

    EST Bilello admittedly was not paying attention, punted the ball & after someone hit him upside the head to wake him up, belatedly decided to consider hiring outside legal counsel in the MWA unilateral contract repudiation.

    The Emergency electronic Vote via E-mail, at best was a preliminary move to save face & cover the EST's ass for his failure to realize the gravity or egregiousness of the MWA extortion scam.

    The not ready for prime time players crew, Lebo included, rather than man up and admit their flagrant inability to grasp base business concepts where leaders lead by example and delegate tasks to competent individuals; instead chose a divisive path designed to shift blame from themselves to a delegate who waited 2-days to post a story long out on the street, that the D.C. and its inept fearless leaders finally hired outside legal counsel to deal specifically with the MWA Arbitration matter.


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