Thursday, July 26, 2012

Transparent Hypocrisy

Here we go again, Hypocrisy, thy name is Mike Bilello and Bill Lebo.

At last night's delegate body meeting, EST Bilello and President Lebo, became unhinged, were foaming from the mouth, incited members of the delegate body against me, because they are uncomfortable with the speed of information posted (Free Speech) on this blog, and moved to file charges against me for violating the obligation.

I will have a lot more to say later, for now read the following excerpt from the letter that Bill Lebo sent to Judge Richard Berman, February 26, 2011.

"Lastly I want to convey to you the importance of transparency in the Councils governance. In the past, even after the “restructuring” we went through in 1998, there has been a distinct lack of information disseminated to the membership, and even to the delegates in regards to the Councils activities. The membership has not gotten any information on contract negotiations, corruption, by-law changes, or any other matters of import until these matters were over and done.

We need a system in place whereby the membership can take part in these matters of import. A system, whereby the delegates to the council, can bring back to the members of locals at monthly local union meeting, issues that need to be dealt with. Then the membership can debate said issues and vote on them, direct the delegates on how the membership wants them to vote, or have said delegates ask questions on these issues.

Even now, with the Council in trusteeship everything seems to be a secret. The UBC has kept the membership in the dark on issues of importance, ie., contract negotiations,(that we, not they will have to work under), the dissolution of locals, the full mobility issue, and more.

On February 23, 2011, the R.O. Dennis Walsh held a forum at the District council that all members were invited to. At this forum Mr. Walsh gave us more information than we have gotten since the onset of the trusteeship, in fact more than we’ve gotten in the past 12 years. I have to applaud Mr. Walsh for the professional way he handled himself at this forum, and for the extraordinary job he is doing. It is my opinion that his tenure should be extended for a long, long period after the Council is placed back into the hands of this membership. He has proved, at least to me, that, he actually cares about the rights and well being of the membership of the NYCDCC’s."

Respectfully submitted,
William S. Lebo



  2. There’s a method to their madness .

  3. Consider it the highest honor a member can get in the nycdcc. Years ago ball licking members were shunned but today get big salaries. A man only gets one life to live & I hope to recieve this honor also. Fuck the nycdcc + all they now stand for !

  4. The only hypocrite is you! You say you wanna help the membership but how is giving away our strategy to the enemy helping? You have violated your sacred oath numerous times and should be removed from the ubc! Drop dead traitor!

  5. District council should be afraid -- if this was available earlier the whole mess re shady dealings and one or more MWA employers would not be screwing membership.

    Too many back room dealings - too much pay your dues and shut up

    Too many rumors and no one to go to

    Membership needs to step up and demand more accountability from District Council

    this blog is a very small first step

  6. Oh yeah, this is John's fault. Sell that bs somewhere else corrupt nycdcc. The nycdcc lost all credibility a long time ago & honest members are allready in the lifeboats of this sinking ship. Fuck you Lebo & all your doubletalk. Your scum of the worst kind & I will never stand with you. Keep up the good work John, nobody has done more for the nycdcc than you. Real men know who the scumbags are !

  7. Do Not Silence Me
    By Dr. Dorothy B Holtslander

    I spoke my mind
    You disagreed
    and for this
    you try to silence me?

    I do not think
    the same as you
    I make my own decisions
    I make up my own mind
    Not once did I try to
    silence you
    not one did I shout you down
    and while I think that you are wrong
    I never put you down

    at least the last time I looked
    I did not think that I would ever see
    an America that was not what it used to be
    But, alas, it seems we have seen the change
    Not for the better, but one that scares me
    For all of those who died
    so that we could speak our minds
    To all of the fatherless children
    that were left behind
    I promise I WILL CONTINUE
    in a land that I live
    a land that I love
    All I ask, is that when
    someone tries to silence you
    for the RED , WHITE and BLUE

  8. John, go full steam ahead & shut up these gutless scumbags once & for all. Your not even going full strength & their pissed. CRUSH THESE MOTHERFUCKERS !


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