Monday, July 9, 2012

Review Officer's Fees to Date

Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh, has provided to the membership all invoices pertaining to the RO's office starting in June 2010.

Paragraph 8.b of the Stipulation and Order estimates the usual range of expenses at between $65,000 to $85,000 per month.

Please click the links below to view statements from the RO from June 2010 to the present and shared with all members per the direction of the RO.

  1. June 2010 Statement
  2. July 2010 Statement
  3. August 2010 Statement
  4. September 2010 Statement
  5. October 2010 Statement
  6. November 2010 Statement
  7. December 2010 Statement
  8. January 2011 Statement
  9. February 2011 Statement
  10. March 2011 Statement
  11. April 2011 Statement
  12. May 2011 Statement
  13. June 2011 Statement
  14. July 2011 Statement
  15. August 2011 Statement
  16. September 2011 Statement
  17. October 2011 Statement
  18. November 2011 Statement
  19. December 2011 Statement
  20. January 2012 Statement
  21. February 2012 Statement
  22. March 2012 Statement
  23. April 2012 Statement
  24. May 2012 Statement


  1. can we fire him?

  2. I didn't see any Rent Receipts paid to the Pension Fund for the office space. All the Local Unions have to pay rent to the Pension Fund.

  3. Consent Decree: Did the Consent Decree protect all of us Carpenters in the NYCDCC as American Citizens ??? The Consent Decree said, "It would protect democratic Local Unions", Did it ?????????? It has become a 22 year legal racketeering effort that has fleeced millions of dollars from the failing carpenters union and will be the end of the carpenters union when the carpenters have no money left.

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