Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Contract Negotiations Update

John Delollis. Executive Director
This afternoon the following email was sent to the District Council Executive Committee in response to extending an invitation to John Delollis, to present the Wall & Ceiling Association’s proposals for the Collective Bargaining Agreement to the Delegate Body.

Subject: Re: Special Guest

This email should be treated as an official communication and read into the record at the next Delegate Body meeting.

Gentleman: The decision by the Executive Committee extending an invitation to John Delollis, Director of the Wall & Ceiling Association, to present the Wall & Ceiling Association’s proposals for the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) completely undermines the committee's primary responsibility for negotiating, and recommending to the Council Delegate Body for approval, all CBA's.

Is the Delegate Body upon hearing said proposal now the negotiators with Mr. Delollis?

This invitation to Mr. Delollis, is in complete violation of the procedures clearly outlined in the District Councils Bylaws and undermines the spirit in which the bylaws were written, and violates among others,

Section 5(b)8: "Review and approve or reject, in advance, all Collective Bargaining Agreements following a recommendation from the Executive Committee. If a Collective Bargaining Agreement is rejected, the Delegate Body shall promptly inform the Executive Committee in writing of any provision(s) that caused, or will cause as indicated by a non-binding vote, in whole or in part,the rejection."

Section 12 (I), "The Executive Committee shall have the primary responsibility for negotiating, and recommending to the Council Delegate Body for approval, all Collective Bargaining Agreements."

The Executive Committee's responsibilities are clearly outlined in the bylaws and carries the unequivocal duty to preserve the rights of the membership and the bylaws of this Council. 

The executive committee has been duly elected by the membership to negotiate all CBA's ,the invitation to Mr.Delollis impedes the ability of the delegate body to function without outside influence, circumventing the bylaws and destroys the process for which CBA's are to be negotiated, now and in the future.

It would be prudent to rescind the invitation to Mr. Delollis so that the delegate body can feel free to review and debate the recommendations of the executive committee without undue influence. 

The following is an excerpt, from "A Statement Regarding the District Council Bylaws Approved for Publication," by Review Officer Dennis Walsh, dated August 7, 2011.

Excerpt:  "I urge you to compare the '99 Bylaws with what has been published, and also study and reflect on the content and the scope of the newly published bylaws and how various new provisions, responsibilities and functions will greatly reduce the risk of corruption and empower vigilant members, delegates and offices to protect the sanctity of the  union."

"No matter what the bylaws say, it will be up to the members and the people for whom they vote to shepherd the rights and expectations of the rank-and-file."



  2. WHY was he invited? Does anyone have a clue?

  3. This was posted in the GangBox...

    DFR: The Executive Committee has abandoned its post, and leads the enemy into our camp. The Membership voted down Full mobility, but the Wall-Ceiling Association will not back down. They stuffed employee pay envelopes, and rented out a concert hall, McCarron's motivational speaker, and paid the members to attend, but that was not enough. The Executive Committee could not sell Full Mobilty for the employers; so our representatives at the bargaining table have agreed to stand aside, and now the W&C boss looks to sell Full Mobilty to the members, by dealing directly with the Delegates. It is the duty of fair representation to the Executive Committee to be accountible to the rank-and-file, not the employer, but the likes of Chris Wallace want full mobility for the bosses, the membership be damned! Meet at 4pm Wednesday in front of the District Council to register your dissatisfaction with the our AWOL Executive Board handing over the 395 Hudson keys to John Delollis of the W & C.

    1. You morons if you can't speak directly from management to the delegates of the union what kind of system do we have? It's like everyone's a friggin' lawyer npow, vote up or down on the package, which is a great deal in this economy. John Delollis is not the enemy here.

  4. Direct Dealing is illegal under current NLRB Board precedent - period. Where is the highly paid NYCDCC in-house Legal Counsel on this?

    Why is Murphy not going to the NLRB and filing charges? So much for having the handsomely compensated lawyer on the payroll protecting members interest and legal rights. What a waste of money!

  5. So did they /are they doing what is against their own rules and agains their own interests?

    Are we looking at an expansion of the MWA mess but more in the 'open'?

  6. .thanks for sharing


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