Sunday, July 8, 2012

VOTE Joseph Passero for President Local Union 1556

Brothers and Sisters of Local Union 1556,

Our Local Union is at a crossroads. Ballots were sent out that did not directly address the Timbermen, Hod Hoists Carpenters, and Core Drillers. This clearly comprises our Local’s Membership as it could appear as a slight at best or an insult at worse, offending those Members not addressed directly in the first ballot.

This has necessitated another ballot mailing at an additional expense of $7,400.00. This is wasteful and underscores the lack of forethought and appropriate attention to detail in consideration of the ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP.

Once again, in the light of yet another poor performance by the present administration continuing the patterns of the past. Ask Yourself: “Should this election be Business and Usual or be the opportunity for a New Direction?”

Brothers and Sisters of Local Union 1556 this is Your ballot, Your choice, Your vote! You will decide! 2,496 Members of our Local must make a choice. You have the power to chart and create change in Local Union 1556's Future.

Transparency breeds Accountability which leads to a higher level of participation of our hard working Brothers and Sisters encouraged by such a demonstration of concern for properly informing Individual Members.

I am Joseph Passero, I ask for Your Support and Vote to bring Local Union 1556 back to the members’ control. In this, you can hold me responsible for achieving transparency of action, a cessation of wasteful spending and cronyism, and a new direction of overall integrity of our union; not “Business as Usual.”

Click here for link to my first letter published, June 11, 2012.

I will be steady, accountable, honest, and transparent. You have my word.

You can contact me about issues or concerns with our Local or the NYCDCC, my email address is my phone number is 646-456-6966.

I Thank You.

Joseph Passero
Local Union 1556 UBC Certified Steward


  1. The new ballot was what the membership wanted.we voted on it at the meeting,you were there Joe.It was the will of the membership.sorry you dont agree with it but thats democracy pal.

  2. How many years do you have in the union? How many pension credits do you have?

    Are you currently working for a Dockbuilding/Diving contractor? And if not, why?

    Why has a majority of your work been installing furniture and working as a carpenter and not in the trade as a dockbuilder/diver? And if you think it is ok to work as a carpenter doing his work, do you think it is ok for a carpenter to do a Dockbuilders, Divers, or Timbermens work?

    And if your working as a carpenter for the better part of your last few years in the Local Union, what makes you think you know about Dockbuilding/Diving/Timbermen issues on jobs besides what you read or the rumors you hear? In other words, are you "in touch" with the membership of our Local Union? Or that of the carpenters Local Unions?

    Is it true that years ago when you were working as a diver that you were caught working for cash and no benefits?

    Why can you not hold a job down with a company for more than three months or so?

    Explain why you believe every man should come from the out of work list? How would this benefit our Local Union, when clearly this same idea of this out of work list system has destroyed the carpenters at the district council? It has driven their market share and man hours down in the past ten or so years.

    You, Joe Passero, are for full transparency and not "managing the context" as you preach, so you should have problem answering the questions above truthfully for all to see. And remember Joe, just like you can dig up information for all to see, so can we. So answer truthfully, we are watching.

    Yours truly,

    Big Brother


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